Vapor Gen Electronic Cigarette KitWhether a consumer is seriously thinking about switching to e-cigarettes or merely plans on supplementing his or her traditional tobacco experience, electronic cigarette reviews can be a great place to start when trying to determine which device may work best.

Electronic smoking devices come in many shapes and forms, and choosing the right fit can be a lengthy – and costly -- process of trial and error. Recent research shows, however, that 72 percent of consumers trust online feedback posted by their peers. That’s not to say that a product receiving excellent marks is a one-size-fits-all solution. Personal preferences matter a great deal, so a little skepticism and common sense may be in order prior to making a decision on which device is the perfect fit, or at least trial-worthy. Recommendations from peers can certainly help weed out lesser queality contestants, but price, customer service, convenience, and user friendliness also figure into the equation.

Electronic cigarette reviews can be found on several types of online forums. Some consumers post on the website of the manufacturer they purchased a product from. Others may offer their opinion on a health page, and others still may voice their thoughts on the webpage of an interest group. YouTube, where e-cigarette users capture their test of a frequently manufacturer-submitted device on video, is also a popular option for amateur inspectors to render a verdict.

No matter the format, consumers should be aware that some reviewers get paid for their services and their opinions may be skewed or, worse, biased. Respectable reviewers often post a notice stating specifically that they did not receive remuneration for the service. In many cases, independent examiners gain a reputation in whatever forum they participate, and those with positive feedback from other consumers are worth checking out. Electronic cigarette reviews without honesty are nothing more than cheap advertising, and of little or no value to the consumer.

Consumers in the market for e-cigarettes are encouraged to comparison-shop and at least settle on the type of device they might be comfortable with – a tank system, fully disposable device or a rechargeable device with disposable atomizers. With so many models on the market, featuring various performance levels, narrowing down choices by educating oneself is a must. Otherwise, electronic cigarette reviews will mean very little. Are disposable atomizers the right option? How close to the real smoking experience should the device perform? Should the e-device resemble the real deal, or is function more important than appearance? How easy, or difficult, is it to manipulate a tank system requiring e-liquid? What accessories are needed for the chosen device? How much does it cost to get started? While this list of questions may seem a little intimidating to novices, it is relatively easy to find good side-by-side comparison examinations online. In the long run, proper research by the consumer will save money.

Many amateur electronic cigarette reviews usually examine mainly the performance of a device in detail. Users will describe the basic elements of taste, vapor generation, and battery life. Well-rounded examinations, on the other hand, also include pricing aspects, a detailed inspection of parts, and pros and cons of daily use. Individuals who received sample devices for review from sponsors or other interested parties should clearly say so to avoid misleading statements.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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