The cost of an electronic cigarette is not a reliable indicator of quality.For the most part, the market has settled on an electronic cigarette price range that most people are comfortable with. Because this technology has only been around for a short while, it’s still difficult to tell which devices are of a premium quality. Going by the cost of the product is not enough, as there are several value-priced models that are as effective and reliable as more expensive versions. Instead, it is best for a consumer to consider the construction and reliability of the model, as well as the customer support that backs it.


An electronic cigarette price is often based on the product’s branding power. When searching around for a device, a consumer will find that the best marketed items tend to be the most expensive. This is a normal trend in most industries that are new, and it will take several years before the best models rise to the top. Until then, there are many underrated products that can be had for a low cost, as they may not have the marketing power yet to charge a premium.


Instead of looking exclusively at the electronic cigarette price, a consumer should also look at what each model offers in terms of features and reliability. The vast majority of devices are constructed in one of two ways – they come in either two-piece or three-piece designs. The former combines the atomizer, responsible for turning the liquid into vapor, with the flavor cartridge. When the cartridge is out of liquid, it can be disposed of, which makes it convenient to maintain. Because the atomizer is combined with the flavor cartridge, it does not need to be cleaned and won’t build up any residue in its short lifespan. However, these devices have reliability issues, and defective cartridges are still fairly common among all products that use this design. Until the industry perfects its manufacturing, this will likely continue to be a problem. They are still an inexpensive way to try an e cig to determine preferences.


A three-piece model doesn’t have this problem, but it does require a little more maintenance to run properly. The atomizer is not disposed of, so it has to be cleaned periodically, or it may build up residue that stifles the flow of vapor to the user. As long as the user keeps up with this, though, a three-piece setup will be more reliable. Instead of disposable cartridges that may be defective, a liquid reservoir that delivers consistent performance is used instead. The electronic cigarette price is around the same between the two designs, so a user doesn’t have to pay extra for the reliability that comes with a three-piece setup.


In general, the electronic cigarette price range sits between $60 and $80 for the starter kit, and another $15 to $20 for the first package of cartridges or e-liquid. Some quality products can be found for nearly half this, though, if a consumer knows where to look and is willing to purchase a model that isn’t marketed heavily or featured on a bunch of review sites. While it can be a risk to purchase a model that is fairly new, these are more likely to be underpriced for their quality level. Newbies often find a good electronic cigarette review to be worth its weight in gold.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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