Electronic Cigarette JuiceThere are many flavors of electronic cigarette juice available, though each device is only compatible with a certain number of them. Each manufacturer has their own design associated with vapor delivery, so when selecting an alternative device, the consumer should make sure it has flavors they want. There is a strong sense of which tastes are the most popular, but everything from tobacco to chocolate can be found among alternative smoking devices.

Electronic cigarette juice refers to the disposable cartridges or refillable liquids that provide the flavor in the inhaled vapor. Each device comes with their own selection, and some can be customized for different levels of nicotine. This is ideal for former smokers who enjoy the taste of the vapor or heavier smokers that like more nicotine in their products. Premium devices will typically come with four or five preset nicotine levels, from 0mg to 24mg. When the device is switched on, the onboard heating element, or atomizer, vaporizes the flavored liquid, which consists of water, flavoring and propylene glycol, an FDA approved substance. In three-piece designs, the device consists of a separate battery, atomizer and disposable flavor cartridge. Two-piece designs package the battery and atomizer together, which are joined by a refillable liquid reservoir. In general, the two-piece designs are considered more reliable because of the quality of their parts and more consistent electronic cigarette juice delivery.

Common flavors found in most brands are tobacco and menthol blends. There are usually several tobacco and menthol blends available for each brand, like Turkish tobacco and flavors that mimic popular cigarette brands. Most devices are also compatible with several fruit tastes, like cherry, apple, grape and orange. Less common fruit blends are pineapple, blueberry and strawberry. Piña colada and brandy are for those that like to combine alcohol flavors with their smoking experience. Some brands also offer more exotic flavorings, milk chocolate and vanilla being the most common among them. An electronic cigarette juice may also taste like dark chocolate, coffee or peppermint. Even more complex offerings like mint ice cream and peanut butter can be found.

The most popular flavors tend to be the most traditional, though a few fruit blends also rate highly among many users. Tobacco blends, particularly those that mimic well-known brands, are at the top of most lists. Menthol flavors usually come in a close second, with the standard menthol at the front and peppermint close behind. Mint tea is likely the most sought after exotic taste on the market.

To ensure that the electronic cigarette juice produces consistent taste, it is important to regularly maintain the device. Two-piece designs require a little more care than three-piece designs, because their liquid reservoirs can get clogged up with residue. The best way to prevent this is to clean out the reservoir with soap and water. Also, while the battery will last for a long time, it needs to be replaced periodically. If the vapor flow is diminished or the vapor isn’t at the right temperature, the battery is likely failing. The life of the battery depends on the brand, but most can last for tens of thousands of puffs before they need to be switched out.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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