Electronic Cigarette Liquids Personalize the Smoking ExperienceOne of the first things a smoker needs to do before purchasing an electronic cigarette is to find the flavors one prefers that are compatible with the device. Every brand comes with its own set of tastes, called “juice” or “e-liquid.” Before settling on any one device, a user should check what juices they support and verify that there a few that are appealing. It’s best to select a product that has a wide range of electronic cigarette liquids, because some work better as vapor than others.

While there are dozens of electronic cigarette flavors to choose from, the most common for any brand is tobacco. This popular liquid can be found with every device on the market, and some brands offer several varieties of tobacco to choose from. Most brands offer a classic American blend, which is designed to taste like Virginia-grown tobaccos. The result is hearty and just a little sweet. Some juices are made to taste like popular blends, like those found in Marlboro or Parliament products. A few devices are even compatible with exotic blends, like those found in the Middle East or Turkey.

The second-most popular electronic cigarette flavors are menthol-based. Smokers have enjoyed menthol for decades, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular tastes in the industry. Beyond just the standard menthol, which is about as common as tobacco, some brands are also compatible with peppermint or more inventive combinations, like mint ice cream or mint tea. There are fewer menthol blends compared to tobacco. however. On average, a device comes with three or four tobacco blends and only one or two menthol juices.

After these two electronic cigarette flavors, the range of juices is nearly endless. Most brands come with a selection of fruit liquids, with grape and cherry heading up the list. Strawberry and orange are also extremely popular, though some brands may come with blueberry, raspberry, kiwi, pineapple, coconut or grapefruit, though these are fairly rare. It’s not uncommon to see some fruit tastes blended together or with other juices, creating pina colada or strawberry daiquiri.

Tobacco, menthol and fruit liquids are compatible with nearly every device out there, but there are a number of specialty juices for those that want to try something new. The most popular miscellaneous electronic cigarette flavors are chocolate and vanilla. It’s also common to see juices designed to taste like cooking spices, like cinnamon or nutmeg. These are often blended together to create a spicy medley that produces strong, but pleasing, aromas.

Finding the liquids one prefers takes trial and error.  Just as one brand’s grape does not taste like another brand’s grape, different levels of nicotine also change the way flavors taste. These devices deliver the liquid in one of two ways while smoking. Some models have three-piece designs, which use disposable cartridges filled with juice. These cartridges usually last around as long as a pack of normal cigarettes.  Once they are used up, they are discarded.   Two-piece designs come with a reservoir that can be refilled once it runs out of liquid. Users are split on which design is the best, but refillable models tend to be less expensive over time and are generally more reliable than three-piece models.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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