El Primer Mudo Red Label CigarsReviewers rated El Primer Mundo Red Label Cigars favorably, noting that they were smooth without lacking complexity. The smoking experience was described as pleasant, with a flavor profile that shifted enough to keep it interesting, as well as remaining consistent. El Primer Mundo Red Label Cigars are one of the only two original lines released when the company was founded back in 2006. Given that this is one of their classics, they have had the time to perfect its flavors, which is evident when someone has the opportunity to enjoy one.

The company name El Primer Mundo refers to the countries that the materials for the smokes are gathered from. These countries are considered to be first in the world of cigars. The brand name illustrates how seriously they take the quality of their smokes, and the caliber of the tobaccos used to make them. These are a premium brand, and rather than being mass produced by machines they are expertly hand rolled in order to feature a smooth appearance and an even burn.

El Primer Mundo Red Label Cigars are constructed from a Havana seed criollo wrapper, which cause these smokes to be classified as maduro. This means they are dark brown in color, and considered to be a medium to full bodied smoke. The maduro wrapper contains a blend of some of the best tobaccos that Peru, the Jamastran Valley of Honduras, and the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua have to offer. The cold draw features some of the same flavors one would experience upon lighting. There is a mingling of coffee and cocoa with a faint suggestion of spice. Once lit the coffee and chocolate flavors tag team the palette to create a pleasant blend of bitter and sweet that is offset with occasional hints of black pepper. Some reviewers cited a nut-like flavor on the retrohale that kept the flavor profile interesting as it interacted with the spice of the pepper.

Generally, the second third of the El Primer Mundo Red Label Cigars introduced some faint, woody flavors. A few reviewers stated that the shift in tastes gave them the vaguest impression of a barbeque, and cited a hint of hickory as the cause of that.

The last third refocused on the coffee taste, and is the portion of the cigar that can be classified as a full bodied smoke. Many reviewers said they considered El Primer Mundo Red Label Cigars medium body until the final portion brought its strong and dominant note of coffee. The maduro wrapper, composed of expertly aged tobacco, added the peppery kicks that kept the interplay between the coca and the coffee flavors interesting.

This brand of cigar is manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua and Miami, Florida. Currently, the Red Label is available in four different sizes for varying smoke durations; The Toro (6”x52), The Gran Toro (6½” x 60), The Torpedo (6½”x52) and The Robusto (5”x52). This flavor profile is sure to please not only beginning smokers, but aficionados of quality tobacco too.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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