El Primer Mundo Black Label CigarsThe El Primer Mundo Black Label cigars are the latest from Miami aficionado and CEO Sean Williams. Many are buzzing about the flavor profile of this offering, and reviews have been more than favorable thus far.

The size reviewed the most is the Perfecto, which sits at a 6 x 52 ring gauge. It features a Rosado Oscuro wrapper and the filler is a blend of Nicaraguan and Panamanian tobaccos. The Panama tobacco leaves are extra special and aren’t found in just any ordinary stick.

The Perfecto shape is tapered and free of visible veins. Reviewers noted that the wrapper felt rather silky to the touch, with a nice finish. The pre-light aroma offers an unusual mix of fresh mint and freshly popped popcorn. This mouthwatering combination was said to be a good foreshadowing of the appetizing flavors that were soon to follow.

Reviewers stated that El Primer Mundo Black Label cigars are easy to light and that they stay lit with only minimal touching up. The ash holds on for a long time and is a nice gray color. The stick puts out tons of smoke that is both creamy and aromatic. The buttery popcorn and fresh mint aromas dissipate slowly during the first third of the smoke. Leather and crisp cedar notes soon take the place of the pre-light flavor layers. It was noted that a bit of spiciness is present at this point, but reviewers agreed it was not overwhelming in the least. The wood and leather play nicely with each other on the palate, and are joined by a slight floral layer that mixes in perfectly.

The middle third ramps up in spiciness. El Primer Mundo Black Label cigars still have the cedar flavoring about halfway through, but a nutty layer steps up to complement it. Reviewers stated that the nutty taste is reminiscent of macadamia, even though it is rather sweet. The flavor feels like it belongs, and isn’t harsh on the palate at all.

The final third revs up the spice even more, and is close to cayenne pepper in taste. It is the dominant flavor note, with all of the others hopping in the back until the stick is smoked down to the nub. The cedar, nutty, floral and minty layers are still noticeable, but the spiciness is what reviewers most associate with El Primer Mundo Black Label cigars.

These are definitely a different kind of stick than those usually found in local smoke shops. The El Primer Mundo Black Label cigars wake up the senses and leave the aficionado wanting more. Reviewers noted that these stogies would be even more flavorful if they were allowed to mature for a while longer in a humidor. Reviewers were effusive in their praise, and the only negative comment seemed to be from one that preferred a sweeter offering than the spicy punch this cigar emits. Overall, this is a stick that has received many accolades, and most that tried it said they looked forward to the opportunity to have another.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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