The El Credito War of Flavors cigar is handcrafted entirely by hand. Perhaps more exciting is the fact that it is shaped without a mold.

The name for this stick came from an idea formed at the El Credito Cigar Factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic. El Perrito means little dog in Spanish. So because of the idea for the name, the El Perrito El Credito War of Flavors cigar was born. The entire idea was to create a stick that was totally handmade without using the traditional mold that is used. The factory supervisors who came up with the idea also created the name and presented it to the company.

El Credito War Of Flavors CigarThe El Credito War of Flavors Cigar features Nicaraguan and Dominican filler leaves. They are bound using Connecticut Broadleaf. The wrapper is Ecuadoran Habano. Shaped entirely by hand, their unusual shape is brought about by using the index finger to achieve a head that mimics a torpedo.

They are sized to intensify the effects of the flavor. This stick has a 5 1/2” x 38 ring guage. El Credito War of Flavors Cigar is offered at select tobacco shops across the country, as well as some of your favorite online cigars shops.

El Credito War of Flavors Cigar continues a steeped and long lasting tradition of cigar making expertise.

Appearance and Construction:

This stick sports a red and white band that identifies it as an El Credito. It is important to note that El Perrito only uses a total of 4 tobacco leaves, making it very distinct. Even so, this smoke has a very nice weight when held in the hand.

Flavors & Notes:

Many reviews have noted that they are pre-cut, but some smokers prefer to cut off an additional small amount. Upon lighting, the reviewers described the draw as being slightly sweet with floral notes. There is a hint of cedar and spice as well, followed by a subtle creaminess. In the second third it is said that the same cedar and spice is present, with no change to speak of. The creaminess remains but is almost unnoticeable at times. In the last third the strength is more prevalent, probably because of the hint of nicotine. All the while, the creaminess is steadily in the background.

Smoking Characteristics:

This gem reportedly burns very evenly and quite well. The ash was noted as a light gray and it held throughout half of the smoke. The draw is reviewed as being excellent with a very nice aroma. Reviewers all recanted that this was a very complex and full bodied smoke. Most were shocked at the flavor that was packed into such a small stick, but all who reviewed it said they would most definitely purchase them again and they would recommend them to a friend or colleague to stock in their humidor.

The woodsy flavors and the creaminess play off the rich tobacco taste. This is a great stick to be enjoyed with a strong cup of coffee, and some reviewers even recommended wine as an accompaniment. Stock up your humidor with this rich, complex mixture of creamy goodness mixed with a tobacco and woodsy, spicy delight to enjoy when you need a moment, but don’t have a lot of time.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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