Best Effusion Lamps & Fragance Lamp Deals Online Effusion lamps are the perfect way to spread beautiful fragrance notes around your home or office with no open flame to be concerned about. In artful and decorative packaging, effusion lamps work continuously to destroy all odors, including the strong aromas from serious cigar smokers, pets, and cooking. As an added bonus, they even kill airborne bacteria.

They were introduced over a hundred years ago by a French company called Lampe Berger and have been around ever since. Most of today’s modern decorative fragrance lamps work on the same principle. The alcohol is burned at a low temperature with no flame in a ceramic “wick.” Once ignited, it puts out ozone and other air purifiers with a fragrance that is dissolved in the fuel. We humans have such an amazing sense of smell and aromas are distinctly linked to the brain.

Effusion lamps are a wonderful alternative to candles and are fast becoming the most popular luxury fragrance products. These products are extraordinarily safe, too. Just one light of the stone wick for just a few minutes and the aroma of choice will circulate and keep a room marvelously scented for over an hour. After blowing out the flame and placing the top back on the wick, it will work until the scenting itself is snuffed out. These wonderful items are heaven-sent if there is a stogy lover in the house who keeps the air saturated with the strong smell of cigars. It is really a must for all smokers and pet lovers, and is a great gift idea as well.

Effusion lamps are very popular, especially in the cigar smoking community, because although smokers may love the aroma of cigars, not everyone around them does. The beautiful perfume of the various oils provides an olfactory treat for both! These lamps are awesome gift ideas for your stogy smoking buddies and your colleagues, particularly when placed in a prestigious cigar gift basket, along with various other cigar accessories such as a cigar cutter, cigar tube, personal cigar humidor, cigar apparel or a sample pack of the most elite and unique stogies around! You will certainly be the hit of any special occasion when presenting this gift to someone who enjoys smoking cigars.

Though many people create their own scents for the effusion lamps or shop at their favorite online cigar shop for the most popular scents to fill their home and office with the delightful aromas, it is a sad fact that most folks have yet to experience the sensory pleasures found in these beautifully decorative effusion fragrance lamps.

While the beauty of the jars themselves make them ideal birthday and Mother’s Day gifts, their odor-destroying capabilities make them especially suited as housewarming gifts. The fragrance oils are man-made chemicals that create aromas and these burn quite nicely in the effusion lamps; not to mention they also purify the air and are proven much safer than candle because they have no open flame after the initial 2-3 minutes. The soft aroma is beautiful to the senses as it dances around your home or office destroying odor and bacteria everywhere it goes. How great is that?


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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