Buy Edgar Hoill Cigars OnlineEdgar Hoill Cigars (also known as EH) are new on the market as of 2013. This fine product is well worth enjoying for a number of reasons. The line is most noticeable for its unique shapes that are unlike the vitolas of other smokes on the market. Reviewers enjoy the flavor, describing notes of earth, coffee, oak and pepper at various points. Edgar Hoill Cigars come packaged in boxes of ten, which is also unusual and the packaging of the EH line is unique as well. This line is a puro, with the filler, binder and wrapper all from Nicaragua.

The manufacturer, EH, is a partnership between two talented individuals who both contribute specialized skills that allowed the creation of this distinctive smoke. The first individual involved with Edgar Hoill (EH) Cigars is Christian Eiroa. His intriguing background brings much appreciation to the new EH line introduced in 2013. In 1998, Eiroa became the President of the Camacho Company at the age of 26. Before that time, his father Julio Eiroa ran the business. Camacho was founded in 1961 by Simon Camacho and specializes in its tobacco grown from Cuban seeds. With this background, Eiroa brings the most verifiable expertise to the venture, and has made the line stand well against other smokes that have multi-generational leadership in the field of tobacco. Using his expertise, he created several boutique lines, which facilitate contributions to those that do not have as much background in the art of cigar making as his family has had over multiple generations.

The second in command at Edgar Hoill Cigars is of course Edgar Hoill himself. He is world famous for his Hollywood photography, which brought him to all the fascinating edges of culture. His mark on this product is easy to recognize with the artistic touches in the labeling of the boxes, the packaging and the vitolas. His steady hand and strong work in photography earned him the motto “One Shot One Kill,” or OSOK; this phrase has carried over to his work in the tobacco trade. He released a limited edition line called Room 101 in 2012 under the Matt Booth line. In 2013, he brought the name OSOK over to work with a different tobacco company, leaving no hard feelings from Matt Booth.

The Edgar Hoill Cigars line currently features three distinct products with different profiles or vitolas. The first is the EH Vida, 4 1/2 inches and ring sizes of 38 at the foot, 54 at the widest point and 22 at the head. The second product, the EH Pasion, also has a different shape that is pointed at each end, like a torpedo. The length is 6 and 5/8 inches, and the ring size varies between 52 and 38 at different points. The packaging of the EH Pasion is onion paper with a design of a spider web on it. The third in the EH line is the Cultura with a shape not unlike a pencil. The length is 6 1/2 inches, and the ring size at the widest point is 52 and 38 at the head.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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