Ecuadorian cigars have long been a favorite for plenty of smokers, experienced or not. When it comes to a reference to these smokes, they are often known for their wrappers. Those rich wrappers can add an additional boost to the smoking experience. Rating a smoke as the very best of the best depends on individuals and their own personal tastes. However, there are plenty of characteristics that smokers can agree on.

One popular option is the Diamond Crown Maximus. These wrappers are Oliva grown. This rich stogie was described as being smooth, with a long-holding ash. It was also considered sweet and spicy. Those that have experienced this stick stated that the flavor notes include coffee and cocoa. These are well-rolled and are described as having an earthy finish. There are a number of different vitolas of this option, so if there is a ring gauge preference, someone should be able to find something suitable.

Another of the top choices for Ecuadorian cigars is the Rocky Patel Fifty series. It was created specifically for the purpose of celebrating Rocky’s fiftieth birthday! They are produced in a factory in Nicaragua. They have a Nicaraguan binder and filler with an Ecuadorian wrapper. They are made Cuban style and include a triple cap. Chocolate, spice, and leather flavors are all noted, and the smoke was said to be long lasting with a strong holding ash. This particular series includes limited runs of sticks made with aged tobacco. The construction was described by reviewers as tight and firm, giving a pretty thick smoke.

The San Cristobal Elegancia is another option to look into if someone is looking for good Ecuadorian cigars. It, too, is Nicaraguan and made in five vitolas. The San Cristobal Elegancia is made by My Father Cigars for Ashton Distributors. The triple cap and minimal veining helped to make this stick stand out. Other reviews stated that the cold draw may remind the smoker of barnyard flavors and cashews. It was also said to be more of a delicate choice than some other options from the company. The stick had white ash that held well with a nice burn and perfect draw. Pepper, spice, and citrus were all noted throughout the entire length of this medium-bodied smoke.

The Jaime Garcia Especial is one of the Ecuadorian cigars that many say should not be overlooked. There are six vitolas, so the smoker is sure to find a favorite ring gauge. It was noted that an even burn produced solid white ash. Wood, chocolate, and molasses were all flavors described as dominating this stick. Other reviewers considered this stick to have tea and fruit hints added to the sweet tobacco aroma.

Clearly, when it comes to choosing quality sticks, there is plenty of competition when it comes to Ecuadorian cigars. Since there are so many options, it is hard to go wrong. A smoker who is unsure what to try first can always ask the retailer at their local cigar shop. The staff there should be able to answer any questions. Knowing that cigar smoking newbies can rely on the experts to help should eliminate any concern they may have of making a poor choice. If they have not tried this type of smoke before, they can always explain what their flavor and strength profile is and get some valuable advice.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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