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The Drew Estate Undercrown Cigars come in 5 vitolas. There is a Robusto (at 5 by 50), a Gran Toro (at 6 by 52), a Belicoso (at 6 by 52), a Coronoa Doble (at 7 by 54), and a Gordito (at 6 by 60). This stogie has a wrapper from Mexico, from the Otapan field, from a delayed harvest which was delayed to improve the flavor and increase the sugar levels. This results in a stick with only minimal veining, but containing plenty of oils. The filler is Brazillian and Nicaraguan. The band on this stogie is gold and blue, and has the logo from the Liga Privada cigars on it, over a crown.

One reviewer who smoked a few of the Gran Toros mentioned the construction being perfect, with the stick maintaining firm draws, even burns, and strong ashes.

The unlit draw of the Robusto was described as having earthy and spicy notes, and mentions that once it is lit, there are cedar and coffee flavors that are complimented by a sugary sweetness. The beginning third of the smoke sees those previously mentioned characteristics joined by leather notes as well. Moving into the second third, the cedar begins to be stronger, and the sweetness leans more towards being cocoa-flavored. Towards the end of the smoke, the Drew Estate Undercrown Cigar includes nut flavors, but it is noted that the sweetness departs, making room for some spice, with a nice finish of leather.

There is a huge amount of smoke from this stick, with a pretty crisp burn, and nearly white, firm ash. Even with major amounts of smoke, the cigar itself has a cool, slow burn. Overall, it tends towards medium-full strength, and is something the reviewer considered nicely complex and worthy of keeping around, probably in his humidor, being purchased by the box.

Another reviewer speaking on the Robusto was pleased by the classy looking band on the Drew Estate Undercrown Cigar. Chocolate and barnyard aromas were noted in the pre-lighting, and the cold draw introduces a good draw and leather notes to the mix. After lighting it, pepper and dark chocolate were recognized. The perfect draw provided a lot of smoke, and there was no need for correcting the burn. The ash which was nearly white fell off approximately every three quarters of an inch. The spice decreased in the second third, but by the final third, the spice was increasing again.

As the story of the creation of the Drew Estate Undercrown Cigars goes, the rollers were smoking too many of the original Liga Privada, and the powers that be were worried about the availability of the correct tobaccos for continuing production of the line. The rollers apparently started rolling this new concoction, and it was eventually put out on the line for purchase by customers. Of course, it can be difficult to know which parts of new production invention stories are fact, and which are fanciful creations, but the stogie came about, and there are enough options of this smoke to be able to try them all until finding a personal favorite. No matter where the Drew Estate Undercrown Cigars first came about, plenty of smokers enjoy them and would recommend them to their friends.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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