Origin: Nicaragua         Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan         Strength: Mild to Medium Body

Wrapper: Cuban Corojo, Connecticut Shade, Brazilian Maduro, African Cameroon

La Vieja Cigar The Drew Estate La Vieja Habana is a cigar that has blazed trails. It has been released not once, but three times. Each and every time, improving upon perfection. It was first released in 1994. Then it was re-released in 1998 and returned in 2001. Drew Estate La Vieja Habana is available in four wrapper varieties, Cuban Corojo, Connecticut Shade, Brazilian Maduro and African Cameroon. It also comes in six different sizes, Chateau Corona 5.50 inches x 46 ring gauge, Rothschild Luxo 5 x 54, Bombero 6 x 54, Celebracion Nacional 7 x 52, Belicoso D 6 x 54 and Gordito Rico 6 x 60.

Drew Estate began with the heart and determination of two men, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel. They started their business in downtown New York City in the Word Trade Center. The first cigar they released was the Drew Estate La Vieja Habana. That was in 1994. Since then, they have moved their business to Esteli, Nicaragua. There, they continue their passion for cigars and the country of Nicaragua and continue to produce some of the most renowned cigar lines.

The Drew Estate La Vieja Habana is a non-infused cigar. The four different wrappers are made of Cuban Corojo, African Cameroon, Brazilian Maduro or Connecticut Shade. They are all filled with a blend of Nicaraguan tobacco that comes from Esteli and Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. They range from mild to a medium body cigar. The wrappers are a bit rough looking with medium size veins throughout.

The Cuban Corojo is a medium body cigar with an earthy taste and hints of spice. The African Cameroon is a mild to medium body cigar with a nutty taste and hints of earth and sweet spices. The Brazilian Maduro is a dark oily wrapper, because of the Maduro. It is a medium body cigar with hints of chocolate and coffee. The Connecticut Shade is a mild body cigar with hints of coffee.

During the experience of the Cuban Corojo you will notice that this one is wrapped in aged genuine Corojo and has a pre-light draw with earthy and woody flavors. The burn is fairly even with only minor corrections needed. The ash holds up well and it produces a lot of smoke. The first third has an earthy and natural tobacco taste with a slight bit of spice. Soon after, the spice takes on a peppery note. In the second third, the spice overtakes the earthy flavor and there is a slight sweetness that comes through. The smoke becomes creamy and there is a lot of volume. During the final third, the earthy flavor returns with the spice. The creaminess increases slightly as does the sweetness. The smoke volume remained huge at this point as well.

The Drew Estate La Vieja Habana is truly a cigar to enjoy. You can choose the wrapper according to your preference and how you enjoy your cigars. Whether it is a morning smoke while enjoying your latte, or after a hearty steak, there is one for every novice or aficionado of cigar smoking.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


@Trevor stanislaus

Why did they name the cigar la veija if Am correct la veija stands for old lady

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