Cigar:  Drew Estate Isla Del Sol Robusto                                               Binder:  Nicaragua

Wrapper:  Indonesian                                                                 Strength:  Mild to Medium

Filler:  Nicaraguan/Dominican Republic                                       Origin:  Estelí, Nicaragua


Isla Del Sol CigarDrew Estate Isla Del Sol cigars are lusciously infused with Sumatran Mandheling Bean Coffee in a triple Nicaraguan leaf mix and are garnished with a wonderfully sweetened cap.  Drew Estate Isla Del Sol is a value line cigar that is a real gem to the coffee enthused cigar smoker.  The exotic blends that come from Drew Estate are highly unique, and aromatic, making them a very pleasurable cigar that can be enjoyed in virtually any setting. 

Since the inception of Drew Estate in 1995, the founders Jonathon Drew and Marvin Samel have been successfully pushing boundaries within the cigar industry.  Most cigars that are available today are made with tobacco from anywhere between 1 and 3 different countries.  However, Drew Estate, in their quest to make the most complex, exotic blends has been known to use tobacco from as many as 12 different countries such as Turkey, Haiti and West Africa, just to name a few. The surprising result is a mixture of wonderfully rich tobaccos that are quite mild, yet extremely complex in flavor. Their creative blending techniques that they use are unrivaled, which have made Drew Estate one of the most energetic and inspiring cigar manufacturers in the entire world. They have made a name for themselves in the cigar industry.                                                                                                                        

Drew Estate Isla Del Sol Robusto is 5 inches long with a 52 ring gage, and has a very classy presentation.  The artful dual band consists of a thin, bottom band at the foot that says “Sun Blessed”. Then, at the head of the cigar, you find a very large, beautifully embossed band with a sun, and the Isla Del Sol branding on it.  The Indonesian wrapper has very large veins, yet poses no problems with the burn.   

At first light you are greeted by a strong sweetness coming from the cap. However, that soon fades into a delightfully mellow note.  The first tastes are of cocoa, raw coffee, graham cracker and roasted nuts.  The taste of this smoke is quite impressive.  The draw is smooth, the burn stays even, and it has a nice ash.  At the halfway point, the cocoa flavors wear off and are replaced with a raw coffee/pie crust giving it a sweet and creamy taste. The thick, rich plumes of smoke put off aromas so exquisite it would fail to offend anyone who is not a cigar enthusiast.  Cigar smoking becomes a real pleasure when you fire up one of these magnificent smokes.

All in all, the Drew Estate Isla Del Sol has a very consistent cocoa profile, which results in a smooth and creamy smoking experience through the entire length of the cigar.  This is a fast burning stick with such great flavor that you will find yourself soon wanting another!  For someone looking for a decently priced, infused cigar, Drew Estate Isla Del Sol is a perfect value smoke and would make a great partner on a relaxing morning…just you, your cigar, and the sunrise.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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