Drew Estate CigarsDrew Estate cigars are NOT your grandfather’s cigars. Begun in 1998, two crazy gringos living in New York City decided to spark the rebirth of cigars. They wanted to grow, cure, and produce cigars that would appeal to today’s generation. They wanted more than a choice between oh so genteel cigars and knock you off your feet full-bodied cigars.

And so it was that Jonathan Drew, long on Yankee bravado and nerve, but short on Spanish language skills and cash, left his apartment in New York City. He ended up sleeping on a mattress above a tumbledown factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, the tobacco center of today’s market. His partner, Marvin, remained in NYC, begging and borrowing from family, friends, and associates just like Christopher Columbus before setting sail for the West Indies.

For a year or so, they lived on dreams that always seemed to require more money than they had, and though the bank account was always low, they somehow they kept Drew Estate going, little by little branching out and expanding their operations. They finally established themselves as a company with the launch of the La Vieja Habana cigar line when Hurricane Mitch arrived, ravaging Nicaragua, and La Vieja Habana, too.

Things looked bleak, but Drew Estate cigars had a date with destiny when Marvin met Scott “ACID” Chester, an emerging artist in the DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass in Brooklyn) who just happened to live in the same rundown building Marvin’s office was in. Acid was making a name for himself creatively mixing industrial, urban, graffiti, and motorcycle art when he met Marvin and discovered a new passion—Drew Estate cigars.

They teamed up and the rest is history. The year 2000 saw the literal launch of Drew Estate’s Natural line on a vintage yacht sailing around Manhattan with invited friends and industry folk aboard.

Drew Estate cigars are not your ordinary cigars as you can tell by their names: Acid, Natural, Liga Privada, La Vieja Habana, & Chateau Real. The Acid line is composed of cigars made with unique tobaccos and infusions created to attract their new generation to what was formerly considered a conservative hobby. ACID cigars with their catchy names and unique formulations have graduated from fad into becoming a fixture in the cigar industry.

In the Natural line, each size is a different blend with a distinct flavor profile and superb draw followed by unparalleled flavor. They also produce the Java line of coffee flavored cigars, Liga Privada No. 9, or “Private League”. And created solely for the pleasure of Drew Estate’s President’s personal smoking pleasure, Liga Privada T-52, and the Chateau Real line. The Privada lines are the rarest of Drew Estate’s offerings.

With the help of Cigar Aficionado Steve Saka, Drew Estate has become a leading manufacturer of premium Nicaraguan cigars, reaching beyond the unique tobaccos and infusions that appeal to new smokers.

Whether you are a daring new cigar enthusiast who enjoys infusion cigars and totally unique blends or are a serious aficionado who requires the depth and substance of the Liga Privada and La Vieja Habana lines, Drew Estate cigars has something for everyone.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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