Cigar: Drew Estate Ambrosia                             Filler:  Honduran/Nicaraguan

Cigar:  Ambrosia Kaya                                             Origin:  Nicaragua

Wrapper:  Colorado Claro                                         Strength:  Full

Binder:  Brazilian Mata Fina                                                  

Drew Estates Ambrosia CigarsTalk about taking experimental blending to new and exciting extremes, the Drew Estate Ambrosia line is an aromatic masterpiece by Jonathon Drew!  From the graffiti streets of New York City, to the muraled walls of Nicaragua, Jonathon Drew and Marvin Samel have successfully turned their Drew Estate lines into a work of art.  The Drew Estate Ambrosia shares its popularity with Drew Estate’s ACID, Chateu Real, Liga Privada No.9, Natural, and La Vieja Habana lines, all outstanding examples of what one can create when you think outside the box. Their dream of creating a rebirth of the cigar world has brought Drew Estate to heights unparalled by any other cigar manufacturer, making it one of the most unique and diverse cigar companies to date. 

The Ambrosia line is the most complex blend produced by Drew Estate so far.  After two years of experimental blending of exotic spices from South Asia and Europe and infusing them with their traditional Nicaraguan tobacco, the Drew Estate Ambrosia line was born.   They are sweet.  They are spicy. And the names of these smokes are as exotic as their contents.  Drew Estate Ambrosia comes in seven different flavors:  Kaya, Nectar, Van Reef, Spice, Mother Earth, Triple Corona, and Clove Tikis.  Kind of makes you want to light up on the side of a mountain and smoke cigars with the natives!  So let us see what Kaya has to offer.

The Kaya’s size is small, 4x42, but it certainly is not small on flavor.  This little guy packs a punch!  It looks a bit odd with a big round cap and entwined end, but the banding is unique and artful, which is to be expected of the artists of Drew Estate, rendering a painted drawing of a spice God in black, red and gold.  The wrapper loose, showing no veins and has zero soft spots. As soon as you open the cellophane you are hit with the aroma of very strong clove, with hints of spice and botanicals. 

Upon lighting, be prepared for a very large draw and enormous clouds of dense smoke.  The flavors are still predominantly clove as with prelight, followed by nutmeg and notes of cinnamon.  If you like really strong flavors, you will love the Kaya.  The burn is consistent and the smoke stays smooth. 

At the halfway point, this little monster is still going strong and it burns like crazy.  The flavors are strong and creamy and the draw is even thicker at this point. The ash is still hanging on for dear life.  It finishes very strong, and never loses its flavor. 

The Drew Estate Ambrosia Kaya has been compared to the ACID line in smoke and in quality.  The only difference is the taste.  Non-aromatic smokers should run from this one, but if you are an ACID fan, and enjoy an aromatic smoke, it is highly recommended that you pick up some of these whenever you run across a pack. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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