The Don Sixto Plasencia is a light cigar that is medium to full strength.The Don Sixto, manufactured by Plasencia and released in 2012, is a collaboration between General Cigar Co. and Nestor Plasencia. Nestor is responsible for most of the cigar’s blending, and it is being manufactured out of Nestor’s factory. General Cigar Co. will be handling the marketing and sales of the stick, giving it the exposure it deserves in America. It is a lighter stogie but still packs a ton of flavor, so it’s ideal for aficionados who want something to relax with or enjoy after a small meal.


This smoke is made with a Honduran Connecticut Shade wrapper, a Nicaraguan Habano binder and fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras. It comes in four vitolas, including Robusto (4 1/2 x 50), Corona Gorda (5 1/2 x 52), Toro Grande (6 x 56) and Grande (6 x 60). It is light brown in color and has just a couple of fine veins. It is also oily to the touch. The band has a classic feel and depicts the Nestor’s family’s original tobacco farm, known as El Corojal. The band is vanilla, black and gold and also features the name of the cigar in sharp lettering. The prelight draw consists of some nuts, mineral, grass and fruit notes.


The initial third of the Don Sixto, Plasencia starts the smoke with agreeable flavors that are smooth and creamy. Like most other Connecticut Shades, it produces some strong earth and grass flavors that build the cigar’s profile. Unlike most other Connecticut Shades, though, there is also a noticeable mineral note that is apparent on the finish. Reviewers believed it was likely due to the Habano binder in the blend. By the end of the first-third, some cream also seeps into the profile, creating a nice background note that pairs well with the grass and earth.


In the second-third of the cigar, the mineral notes move from the finish and into a dominant role, pushing the grass and earth flavors into a secondary position. This flavor combination holds until the halfway mark, when some subtle nutty flavors also join the profile. Reviewers agreed that the nuttiness is closest to an almond taste, but is still light enough to blend well.


In the last third of the Don Sixto, Plasencia keeps the flavor profile mostly the same, with only subtle variations of already present notes. The mineral flavor is still the dominant taste, but pairs with a little saltiness that gives it an edge. The grass, earth and almond flavors are all still present and build a lively background of flavors that balance well off of the mineral notes.

Most reviewers agreed that this cigar was medium to full bodied but light in strength, so it won’t overpower with nicotine. All were impressed with the prime quality of the cigar’s smoke, which is plentiful, full, smooth and creamy. It features a burn that only requires the occasional touchup and a perfect draw, making it a pleasurable experience for smokers of all experience levels.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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