Cigar: Don Pepin Vegas Cubanas Robusto (Invictos)         Filler: Nicaraguan ('99 Corojo)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Rosado Claro                     Strength: Medium

Binder: Nicaraguan

Don Pepin Vegas Cubanas The Don Pepin Vegas Cubanas is one of Pepin's first blends that were released in 2005. They are comprised of a secret vintage mixture of 1999 Cuban-seed Corojo long-fillers that come from the dark, fertile soils of Nicaragua and aged for one year. Don Pepin is widely admired for his boutique blends, but the Vegas Cubanas can be found without the boutique price tag. What sets the Don Pepin Vegas Cubanas apart from the other Pepin blends is that they are less of a power house, which is great news to those who want a Pepin smoke with a little less kick. Pepin's complex yet well-balanced blends have graced the cigar world with top ratings and an exclusive seal of quality. You can never go wrong with any cigar that has such an acclaimed name behind it. Pepin is the cigar maker of all cigar makers, and it is always an honor for a humidor to have one of his additions.

Made before Pepin was a household name, the Don Pepin Vegas Cubanas smoke a little differently than his most popular brands, although they are still quite enjoyable. Below is a review of the VC Robusto.

This Don Pepin is elegant and classy, from its perfectly constructed triple cap, to its handsome label. Originally the label was a light brown and white, and since has changed to white with a green and gold edge. The Rosado wrapper is slightly veiny with a reddish hue. No surprise on the construction; the VC has a well formed foot and no soft spots. The pre-light aroma is of sweet cedar and a bit of earthy spice. It has a bit of a loose draw, so when you light it, expect a quick but even burn. As to be expected from Pepin, this Robusto has that signature Pepin spice when lit, yet this initial blast of pepper eventually mellows out until the transition into the last third. The first third offers up Corojo sweetness, giving the earthy flavors that are present a nice, creamy canvas that marks a cedar and leather profile. This little beauty makes cigar smoking a joy for the novice as well as the experienced pallet of a seasoned cigar smoker. Most humidors in a cigar store will have a Don Pepin Garcia Selection.

The second third of the Don Pepin Vegas Cubanas gives off a bit of floral notes on the edges, yet remains as having the same predominant tastes of cedar and leather. The finish turns from being a bit harsh in the beginning, to being sweet and mellow. The Robusto puts off a nice billowing amount of smoke yet burns a little differently than what you might be used to from a Pepin smoke. In the final third, you know you are smoking a Pepin from the return of spice that strongly marks the transition to the end of the smoke. It finishes with flavors of earth and cream that you get from a classic Nicaraguan profile. Undertones of smoke and grain can be detected as well.

All in all, Don Pepin Vegas Cubanas are medium bodied and have been compared in flavor to Pepin's other medium bodied blend, Tabacos Baez, both of which have a really nice complexity. The VC was a really good start for the master blender who now has won the hearts of many cigar aficionados world-wide.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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