Origin: Esteli, Nicaragua                  Size: Formosos (Robusto: 5 x 50)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano         Binding: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan                            Strength: Medium-bodied

Flavor: Medium

Don Pepin Tabacos Baez Serie HEvery handmade cigar has a story and the Don Pepin Tabacos Baez Serie H is no different. Like fine wines, cigars tell a story in terms of place and time; of experience and craftsmanship. The tobaccos involved in their construction take their flavor from the earth where they are grown and from the surrounding vegetation. The tobaccos are affected by the sun and the shade, how they are harvested, and how they are stored and aged.

The tobaccos are the words, the building blocks like paragraphs and pages that the craftsman uses to construct his story. The master craftsman in this story is the Don Pepin in the title of Don Pepin Tabacos Baez Serie H. The Tabacos Baez line is made by My Father Cigars, a subsidiary of Don Pepin created by his son Jaime, hence the “My Father” moniker. The story goes that Jaime created a blend and rolled several cigars himself with out his father’s knowledge. When Don Pepin discovered the ruse he asked Jaime for a sample and was impressed. Apparently quite a few other people were impressed as well; the My Father Number One took third place in Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 cigars of 2009. The Baez part of the cigar's name refers to the Cuban town that was the birthplace of both Don Pepin and Jaime.

The Don Pepin Tabacos Baez Serie H is handmade in the Garcia’s second factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Don Pepin’s original factory is located in Miami’s “Little Havana” district and is aptly called El Rey del Habanos or The King of the Cuban Cigars. The Don Pepin Tabacos Baez serie H is made with a Nicaraguan grown Cuban seed filler that uses a Nicaraguan binder and is topped with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It is the Habano wrapper that gives this cigar the “H” part of its name (every detail of a cigar adds to its “story”) These excellent smokes can be found in many personal humidors all around the country. True cigar smoking at its fines is one way to describe the Pepin lines,

The serie H is offered in three sizes: the 5 x 50 Famosos, the 5 ½ x 52 Favoritos, and the 6 ½ x 52 Monarcas. The Famosos is a Robusto size that manages to bring all of the power and flavor of a longer cigar “novel” to a short story. The Robusto size is most popular cigar size in the States. Excellent construction is the hallmark of any Don Pepin cigar (as would be expected from Cuba’s master roller). The triple cap held together nicely when using a punch. The draw was perfect and the first quarter inch of the cigar burned evenly with classic gray black ash. After that first quarter inch a blend of spices took over the cigar. It was a totally different cigar, lively and energetic. I don’t know how a master blender does what he does but each phase of this cigar brought something new. Then miraculously at the half way point, the cigar changed again – now I was smoking a Cuban Cohiba or a Montecristo number three. The serie H became a great medium strength cigar once again with notes of cream, wood and coffee. A complex cigar at a great price, there should always be room in any cigar smoker’s repertoire for a Don Pepin Tabacos Baez Serie H Formosos.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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