Don Pepin La Duean Cigars For SalePete Johnson blended the limited edition Don Pepin La Duena series cigars for Janny Garcia. The wrapper is made of Connecticut Broadleaf. The binder and filler are a Nicaraguan and Connecticut Broadleaf blend of sun-dried aged tobaccos. There is a secondary binder of fine Connecticut Broadleaf, giving the stogie an unmatched firmness that will burn smoothly and evenly.

The dark tobacco leaves combined with a toothy finish and a few thick veins appeal to the aficionado. The coloration is definitely akin to the deep chocolate Maduro. Holding the stogie and inhaling deeply was said to release the wonderful aromas of sweet spices, dark chocolate, earth and fruit. The sweet and spicy blend makes for a delicious dessert cigar or mid-afternoon treat between business meetings. Reviewers state the aromas transition smoothly when smelling slowly from foot to cap.

Upon the initial light, the aficionado is greeted with a sweet, fruity chocolate blend that is pleasant and fulfilling. The smoothness is striking with a draw that is firm yet has an easy pull. The medium body and tobacco strength make for an ideal combination. Don Pepin La Duena series cigars are a favorite among reviewers. The first third was said to be a true testament to why these popular sticks are highly desired by every level of reviewer.

The seamless transition from the first to second third introduces a bit of espresso. The dark cocoa flavors fade slightly into the background with the peppery spice coming to the forefront. A combination of fruity cherry and plum are also present, producing a natural sweetness that combines well with the natural flavor of the tobacco. The ash is still holding firm. The burn does not need touch ups, even when the stick is set down for a few minutes.

The final third offers quite a bit more spice than in previous thirds. It is not overwhelming, however, and remains well-balanced. According to reviewers, Don Pepin La Duena series cigars are a perfected blend of tobaccos producing a great combination of balanced flavors. The coffee and earth tones are more prevalent in the final third with dark cocoa lingering in the background. The stogie continues producing thick plumes of fragrant smoke and the ash remains firm and steady. Even the nub remains consistent and cool.

Don Pepin La Duena series cigars come in five sizes. The Maduro wrapper is filled with fragrant flavors that are well-blended to appeal to aficionados everywhere. The transitions are smooth and flavorful, and the construction is top notch with a unique firmness that guarantees an even and slow burn. The sticks were released as a limited edition, making these difficult to procure. Turning to the internet can be a more reliable source when wanting to find a few of these wonders for a personal humidor.

Finding a perfect cigar is not always easy, but these Don Pepin La Duena series cigars definitely are a treasure. Reviewers and critics have given these stogies high markings for flavor, construction and strength. Even the initial appearance is exceptional. Smokers that want a great stick know that these Janny Garcia inspired sticks are second to none. The price is even low enough to put true excellence in the reach of any aficionado that enjoys a fine stogie, whether before or after dinner.     

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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