Don Pepin CigarsThe Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic is also known as the Don Pepin black label.  It is the newest range of the Don Pepin Brand, having been introduced to the United State in late 2006. Don Pepin Cuban Classic cigars are made by hand at Tabacalera Cubana in Estelí, Nicaragua . It comes uncelloed and beautifully packed in cedar cabinets of 20.  Each cigar is surrounded by a colored ribbon and a black label (hence the nomenclature). 

Don Garcia Pepin is a true master when it comes to making cigars.  He began in Cuba and now operates his impeccable organization out of Miami and Nicaragua.  Cigar connoisseurs throughout this great big beautiful world of ours consider his Cuban Classic Black Label extraordinarily similar to fine Cuban cigars. Cigar Aficionado gave the Black Label a cigar a rating of 92.

Surprisingly, in spite of its superb quality, the Don Pepin Cuban Classic is not a very expensive cigar.   

Its appearance is rustic and evocative of memories where classic moments are made with a cigar on one hand and some type of exotic and powerful beverage in another.   When you hold a Black Label in your hand, you feel the smooth texture of superb brown rapper that has no construction issues.  It feels just right to the touch when you give it a good pinch.  You find no soft spots on the wrapper, and the few veins you may see never protrude above the surface.  Yet within, there is just enough space in the filler to give you a good consistent draw without making your relaxing smoke a chore to enjoy.

Another great thing about the Don Pepin Garcia Classic Cigar is the ca itself.  You see clean lines evidencing its triple layers.  The firmness of the cap allows you to effortlessly slice off a wedge and take in that great burst of dry and spicy aroma that build toward a powerful finish with a balance shift in flavor throughout the smoke. 

This is definitely a full body cigar--a strong smoke for the strong smoker.  Its flavor draws heavily on that of the tobacco itself, complimenting the entire blend from start to finish.  What you end up with at the end of the day is a superb combination of Earth tones and white pepper that cuts out the initial sweetness you first taste in the beginning of the first third. 

Specifically, you will initially notice a distinct cherry core that transmogrifies itself in the second third into the rich taste of cedar.  The white pepper also changes to black pepper as you progress towards the end, making the end more powerful than the beginning.

Some of the very best tobacco is used to make Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Cigars.  The wrapper is Habano Rosado, and the filler and binder are Nicaraguan. 

These cigars are made with Habano Rosado wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and binder. 

Thanks to its fantastic construction and the painstaking quality assurance process that supervises its making, the Black Label is characterized by a draw is tight but not too tight.  It complements the sharp burn and leaves a tight white gray ash behind it. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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