Don Pepin CigarsDon Pepin Cigars are a premium brand of hand-made cigars that are manufactured by El Rey de los Habanos, Inc.  Each part of the manufacturing process is continuously supervised, and every single cigar is inspected and must be passed with an exclusive seal of quality. 

Cigar aficionados the world over would all agree that Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia is truly a cigar maker among cigar makers.  He makes several lines of cigars under his own name, and he also makes cigars for other brands as well.  People come to him from all over the industry because of his impeccable skill and personal integrity.  The man, simply put, knows what he is doing when it comes to making a fine cigar.

His Blue Label cigars are made in Miami.  They are hand-rolled with tobaccos grown exclusively in Nicaragua.  Other lines include the Vegas Cabana, Don Pepin Black, Don Pepin JJ, and many more.

Cigar connoisseurs love the flavor in Don Pepin Cigars.  In fact, this is because, to some degree or another, all have some bit of a trademark taste of pepper.  Many lines are also definitely spicy. 

Smokers also routinely encounter other rich and unique flavors as well.  Many lines carry hints of mocha, wood, coffee, and cream.  Caramel, cinnamon, and espresso are also.  Most labels are noted to have a peppery, spicy flavor. 

In terms of constitution and burn, Don Pepin cigars are definitely medium to full body in strength.  There are a number of specific labels and too many sizes to detail in a single article.  Some of the more highly acclaimed labels are detailed as follows:

DPG Series JJ’s

This is a Belicoso cigar known for its medium to full body strength.  It has a Nicaraguan Criollo binder and a Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo filler.  This is the creation of Don Pepin and his son Jaime Garcia.  It is a medium to full body cigar with a Nicaraguan Corojo Oscuro and a Nicaraguan binder/filler.  It is much like the blue label, but it has a band around it that is with a red border.  It comes packaged in flip top cedar boxes that contain 24 cigars each.

My Father by Don Pepin Garcia

This blend came about as a joint effort between Don Pepin and his son Jaime Garcia.  It is made in the Habanos factory in Little Havana in Miami.  Only 50,000 of these cigars are made per year.

Don Pepin Black Cigars

This has been called the most affordable and the newest of Don Pepin cigars.  It is made in Estelí, Nicaragua, and it comes packed in cedar cabinets of 20.  Each cigar is made with Nicaraguan filler and Habano Rosado, with the band being black. 

Don Pepin Blue Cigars

This full bodied cigar is characterized by a unique composition and blend.  Blue label cigars are made with Corojo and Criollo long filler and a dark Corojo wrapper.  This results in a full body smoke that is hearty and satisfying.  You can savor the rich taste of coffee, spice, and earthy flavors as you enjoy it to the last puff. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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