Don Pepin El Centurion Cigar

Nicaraguan Puro, made completely with tobacco that has been aged for three years.

Origin: El Rey de Los Habanos, Miami, FL

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano                             Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo 98 and Corojo 99         

Flavor: Medium to Full                                      

Don Pepin El Centurion CigarThe Don Pepin El Centurion is a limited edition masterpiece handcrafted by the finest rollers at Don Pepin’s Miami factory, El Rey de Los Habanos.  Only 50,000 were ever made.  The Cuban-seed, Nicaraguan-grown tobacco is among the finest in the world.  It is aged for three years in order to impart a medium to full bodied creaminess that is simply beyond the ability of words to describe.  

Flawless in construction, the Don Pepin El Centurion has reasonably large, jagged veins on its dark brown Habano wrapper.  It has a good amount of give to it that makes it nicely resilient. The chic orange, red, and gold band, added to the beautiful appearance of the El Centurion cigar, makes it absolutely beautiful and simply irresistible. 

Before lighting, a rich, sweet chocolate aroma wafted from the cigar, along with some leathery undertones, and a hint of a fruity- floral fragrance.  After clipping Don Pepin Garcia’s characteristic triple cap, the sweet floral aroma comes through the perfect draw, leaving an unexpected, but delectable taste of rich dark chocolate on the lips.  

Cigar Asylum’s review commented that El Centurion by Don Pepin:  “Immediately it smelled like a Cuban, with a nice dark chocolate, warm coffee heavy scent almost welcoming me to commit arson.”  The ash holds fairly well, and the smoke is a lovely orangey color. 

As you smoke your way into the body of a Don Pepin El Centurion cigar, you experiences the blending perfection of a maestro: a masterful medley of coffee, toast, nuts and caramel that harmoniously co-exist with a lingering, fading finish of mild pepper. 

As you might expect, the cigar begins with that taste of Pepin pepper, combined with power-packing notes of floral fruitiness. The spicy, full-bodied taste does not overwhelm the taste buds, but subsides into a woodsy, cedar-like taste.  It makes for a delightful pairing with a morning or afternoon coffee.  

Before the first third ends, the rich, chocolate-coffee taste you remember from the pre-light draw returns, along with a rich, creamy taste that animates the already wonderful flavor palette, turning this into a spectacularly fine smoke.  Moving into the second third of the cigar, the woodsy notes crescendo as the fruit and floral notes ebb.  

The floral notes and sweetness stage a full-frontal comeback in the final third, intermingling once more with overtones of wood.   This is the stuff of which afternoon reflections are made, evoking quiet thoughts that differ from one individual to another--almost like an athlete shifting into the mythical zone of high adrenalin and focus.  

Don Pepin’s El Centurion is a medium-bodied cigar that dispenses a ton of aromatic flavor that is creamy, mellifluous, and multi-layered from start to finish. Only 50,000 cigars were produced, so get your limited edition medium to full-bodied El Centurion whenever you find one. It is recommended for everyone who likes anything above a mild cigar.  

Even smokers who like to get hit between the eyes with a cigar’s strength and flavor will appreciate the daytime creaminess of the Don Pepin El Centurion. If you find one of these rare jewels—be sure to scoop it up, and keep it on hand for just the right moment! 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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