Don Pepin CigarsDon Pepin Garcia Cigars  are renowned throughout this great big beautiful world of ours as epitomizing strength, full body, quality taste, and excellent burn.  Don Pepin was known to be the best cigar maker in Cuba.  El Rey de los Habanos is his US company, headquartered in Miami, where Don Pepin and his family continue the tradition of excellence that continues to set standards for cigar makers everywhere. 

Intelligent cooperation, impeccable craftsmanship, family fidelity, and a passion for perfection all make Don Pepin cigars among the best of the very best. 

Excellence is expected from each and every Don Pepin Garcia cigar.  El Rey de los Habanos carefully supervises the manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring the pride and quality of the family name prior to passing it through quality assurance. 

In terms of strength, these are definitely cigars made for the experienced smoker.  Don Pepin Garcia cigars are medium to full body.

In all the many cigars made by El Rey de los Habanos, these cigars are recognized by a distinctive, trademark peppery taste.  Other flavors one can also encounter in them are coffee, mocha, wood, and spice.  Many labels also have hints of caramel, espresso, cinnamon, and cream. 

There are five major labels that have all emerged to become both highly rated and highly sought after cigars. 

Blue Label

The Blue label is full in body and features a very unique blend and composition.  You will find it to have a very enjoyable flavor with a superb aroma and fantastic burn rate.  It is made with Nicaragua filler and binder and a Corojo Oscuro wrapper.  Blue Label comes in a box of 25 cigars that includes 10 natural Vitolas.    

Series JJ

The series JJ is a medium to full body cigar with a very deep and superb flavor that is characterized by a distinguishable taste of cream.  It is surrounded by a Nicaraguan Corojo Rosado wrapper and is made with Nicaraguan filler and binder.  It comes in an attractive “Flip Top” cedar box that contains 24 cigars, 4 of which are naturals, and 3 of which are maduros.

Black Label Edition

This is the newest label of Don Pepin Garcia Cigars.  It was first introduced to the United States in late 2006.  It is made in Tabacalera Cubana in Estelí, Nicaragua and comes packed in cedar cabinets of 20.  It has a Habano Rosado wrapper surrounding a Nicaraguan filler and binder.  Cigar Aficionado gave the black label of rating of 90. 

Vegas Cubanas

The Vegas Cubanas is a medium strength cigar valued for its magnificent flavor and aroma.  It is made using Cuban Seed Corojo 99 blend and is surrounded by a Habano Rosado Claro wrapper.  The box of 25 includes 6 Natural Vitolas.

El Rey de los Habanos

This is a mild Don Pepin Garcia cigar that is made using Cuban seed.  It is wrapped in Nicaraguan Corojo Rosado Claro.  23 cigars come in a completely new Cabinet Style cedar box of 23 with 5 natural Vitolas. 

Series JJ Maduro

This cigar begins with a medium strength and finishes with a strong, full body.  It has a fine draw and a perfect burn.  It is known for its dark Corojo Maduro wrapper and superb Nicaraguan filler. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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