Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?Many smokers are looking at alternative smoking devices and are probably wondering, do electronic cigarettes work? There are some misconceptions about what these alternatives provide and how they function, but they are an excellent complement or replacement device for smokers that are willing to try something new. They aren’t for everyone, and they have their own quirks, but this alternative allows for many ways to both alter and improve the smoking experience.

Do electronic cigarettes work? While they require some adjustment on the part of the user, they function as intended, and are just as adept at satisfying a smoker’s needs. They usually consist of the a few common electronic cigarette components including a battery connected to a heating element and a reservoir that contains a fluid solution. The solution is a mix of nicotine, flavoring, water and propylene glycol, which is a substance considered safe by the FDA. The heating element vaporizes the mixture, and a smoker inhales this vapor the same way he or she would inhale traditionally. There are many, many of these products on the market, and because the industry is still young, there are several designs available, each with their own strengths and issues.

Some designs are made to only take disposable cartridges, while others use refillable cartridges. There is a big debate among users about which of these is preferable. Essentially however, the answer to the question, do electronic cigarettes work, is yes, regardless of how they are assembled. Those that prefer models that come with disposable cartridges appreciate the convenience of not having to refill the reservoir and clean it to avoid solution residue. The problem with these designs is that even the top flight brands often come with defective cartridges. Because the industry is still so young, manufacturing processes are still a spotty when it comes to these designs.

Smokers that want a reliable device are more likely to meet their needs with a refillable model. While these require a little more maintenance, and must be cleaned occasionally, they don’t have to deal with defective cartridges. Do electronic cigarettes work? Yes, they do, but some function better than others.

The reasons why people make the switch to these alternatives are numerous, but there are a few that stand out. For one, people using these have much more freedom of movement than those with traditional cigarettes. As any smoker knows, it’s extremely hard to find a place that is friendly to smokers, and these people often have their nerves frayed when spending time at a restaurant, amusement park, or at work. These devices, however, put out vapor instead of smoke, and can thus be taken anywhere. Not having to worry about missing an important play at a game or conversation at dinner is a huge benefit on its own.

Another major reason why more people find themselves wondering, do electronic cigarettes work, is that they are less expensive over the long haul. Users have become accustomed to shelling out lots of cash to buy tobacco products, but these alternatives require an upfront investment that pays for itself over time. Finally, these devices are versatile, and so can be used to accommodate a wide range of tastes. Tobacco, menthol, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and cherry are just a few of the many flavors available.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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