Krave E Cigarettes DisposableKrave E cigarettes are a particular type of electronic cigarette. They come in a number of different flavors, in addition to original and menthol. There are also several different styles of the Krave E Cigarettes. They function in such a way that they provide the smokers all the positives they feel they get from smoking, while diminishing some of the negatives for the smoker as well as those around him. There’s a significant decrease in the intake of a number of toxic ingredients, and there are supposedly none of the effects of second hand smoke from them.

E-cigarettes are designed to be another sort of smoking experience. They aren’t really designed to be an aid in quitting smoking, although if you felt they might help you, you could certainly decide to give it a try. There’s a battery that powers the machinery, which includes an atomizer, a flavor cartridge, and a filter as well. Depending on what style you get, these might be multiple separate pieces, requiring you to attach them to each other to use the product, or they might be an all-in-one product, where you don’t have to fiddle with the mechanics.

Some of the packages for the Krave E cigarettes are designed to look like a typical package of cigarettes, and there are some reviews that would indicate that the four cartridges might indeed last you as long as the same sized pack of typical cigarettes. There’s no tar or even tobacco in the Krave E Cigarette, and it’s missing a number of other toxic things that typical cigarettes have, so you can consider that this might actually be a healthier smoking alternative as well. The vapor that’s given off doesn’t produce the problems that other second hand smoke might, so E cigarettes are allowed in a lot of places that regular cigarettes aren’t. This may make your life easier if you’re a heavy smoker who spends a lot of time in non smoking locations. This way you can still get your smoking fix without it bothering the people around you the way your regular smoking could. The vapor produced by this product looks fairly similar to cigarette smoke, thanks to a food additive called propylene glycol--which is also used in stage smoke.

There’s no on or off switch for these, it just activates when you inhale, and deactivates afterwards. This helps conserve battery power, which is a plus, since you won’t be recharging this battery the way you could with the starter packs.

The Krave E Cigarette is packaged to be a disposable e-cigarette, and doesn’t include things like extra batteries. Though these extras are included in some of the starter packs, the disposable ones might be something you want to try out first before you spend the money on a full start up set. Although the expense might seem off-putting at first, after doing a price comparison, many smokers have reported that overall these e-cigarettes will save them money over the price of the comparable amount of regular cigarettes, especially when you don’t have to worry about torch lighters, cigar cutters, or other smokers’ accessories. Our online cigar shop stocks a wide range of e-cigarettes for you to choose from.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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