Diamond Crown Julius Caeser CigarDiamond Crown Julius Caeser cigars received their moniker in honor of Julius Caeser Newman who founded the J.C. Newman Company at the tender age of 20. The Diamond Crown Julius Caeser line was blended in 2010 to honor the 135th anniversary of the founder’s birth and the115th anniversary of his company. They bear his likeness on the labels.

These premium cigars offer sophisticated flavors, tobaccos aged for five years, and a wrapper from Ecuador. This mild to medium bodied smokes’ Havana-seed Ecuadorian wrapper may be a known quantity, but the filler and binder are identified only as a secret or unknown blend on some sites, although as revealed as Central American on a few and as Dominican on yet others.

Speculation runs rife on these differences from early mentions of Dominican tobacco to later reviews that state that the binder and filler are a Central American blend. Some cigar-smoking sleuths believe that needing to make the change may have been the reason for the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser’s later than expected entrance into the market. Released with limited availability, they were only sold at Diamond Crown lounges.

One reviewer commented on a toasted nut flavor that lasted through the whole smoke which took an hour and 45 minutes from start to finish. Aficionados everywhere are in alt over their scrumptious flavors of bread and cream, with a slight counterpoint of tangy citrus.

The pre-lit scent includes a note of maple that was soon joined by flavors reminiscent of grain and wood according to at least one reviewer once he lighted it with his favorite cigar torch. The smoke from the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser has been described as both fuzzy and creamy, among other things. It is characterized by a good burn and has a loose draw, though one reviewer seemed frustrated by flaky ash. Towards the end of the smoke, the citrus note entered the picture once more, this time in the form of orange liqueur. While several reviewers referred to the more expensive price point of this smoke, they all ultimately determined that that price was worth it.

One reviewer of the Toro vitola commented on the nice construction, minimal veins, loose draw, and airy, plentiful smoke. The luscious creamy, buttery taste continued into the second third of the smoke. The ash reported hung on for about an inch and a half, and then when finally falling, did so in a solid chunk. The final third saw an interesting change in flavor to one of nutty goodness, though it still remained creamy. He also noted the first half burned slower than the second half—or did he just enjoy the second half so much more?

One review for the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Pyramid vitola, at 6.5 x 52 reported a nice even burn and a well-made cigar. The smoke started out smoothly, with grassy notes in addition to the nutty flavors. This smoke seems to become stronger towards the end with the nutty flavors increasing even as the sweetness diminishes. These are a definite must-have in the humidor and are perfect with a delicate wine or gourmet meal.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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