Diamond Crown CFW CigarIt is the Connecticut Fermented Wrapper of the Diamond Crown CFW that sets this cigar apart from every other smoke that ever came before it. This wrapper is so special because of the way that it is treated.

The fermentation process of the Diamond Crown CFW wrapper begins just like any other type of tobacco wrapper. It is hung in bales and then dried. Also like them, after aging, it is then rolled. However, there is an added step to the fermentation process for this cigar that takes the leaves out of the bales and then adds an additional five-years of aging time to the tobacco before it is used to roll the cigar. The end result is a smoke that is so completely smooth, rosy red, and as nearly flawless as you can get.

This extended process yields the most smooth, full-bodied smoke that has ever been offered on the market. It was also the first to exceed the traditional 52 ring gauge that was at the time the maximum offered. Diamond Crown CFW’s line offered a 54 ring gauge size so that more tobacco could be used to permit greater flavor complexity, as well as more aromatic smoke to enhance the cigar smoking experience. This was unheard of at the time but the aficionados all gave accolades to J.C. Newman’s company for pulling it off.

It is offered in the following sizes:

#1 - 8.50 x 54

#2 - 7.50 x 54

#7 - 6.75 x 54

#3 - 6.50 x 54

#4 - 5.50 x 54

#5 - 4.50 x 54

The reason for this smoke’s larger gauge was because they knew that in order to create a smoke with extraordinary flavor, they would need to include a larger blend of tobacco leaves. The blend they had in mind would have to accommodate at least six or seven different leaves if it were to work. They hoped that the result would be a complexity on a level that would be so high it would be hard to compare it to any other and thus render it impossible to rate against other smokes; and that is exactly what they ended up with in the end.

According to connoisseurs, Diamond Crown CFW presents the sweetest and smoothest smoke they say they have ever had. This makes it more than a premium stick. It is better described as a superbly premium offering. Its rich and robust flavor is unequalled by anything that came before it and all of the reviewers raved and waxed poetical about this very fact.

Diamond Crown CFW is a testament to the hard work and dedication that Fuente and J.C. Newman Company put into this line. A sheer stroke of genius led them to the wrapper’s second curing in the fermentation process. This has given the cigar something that no other has. The complexity of the blend that results from this “outside of the box” thinking is unrivaled. The many different tobacco leaves that make up this unique flavor-filled offering are heralded for the very unique, flavorful, rich and smooth taste that is so good that most people just cannot wait to light another and another. Get a box of these for your humidor today and taste what 100 years of excellence can provide.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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