J Fuego Delirium Tin From J.C. Newman comes another great offering, J Fuego Delirium cigars. This premium stick sports a wrapper that is very dark brown in color. It also presents itself as a little toothy in appearance. As with all of his lines, this offering is very tightly packed with tobacco which means the draw is tight at first, but, once you light it, that will loosen up quite a bit.

The binder is a Corojo tobacco from Costa Rica. These smokes were manufactured in Honduras. The filler is made up of a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan Corojo tobacco. It sports a Brazilian Maduro wrapper.

Reviewers all rave that the J Fuego Delirium cigar is one of the best burning they have encountered. It also laid claim to the fact that it had a very good ash that lasted well into the smoke.

Once you light one of the J Fuego Delirium cigars, you will definitely notice that there is a distinctive woodsy taste that lasts for a little while. However, shortly after that you will be pleasantly surprised by a sweet cocoa flavor that is blended by a very creamy note that just takes over your palate with a rich smoothness. As you smoke a little longer, you will then encounter notes of spiciness that balance the increasing sweetness quite well. Another noticeable flavor sensation is that of the slightest hint of ripe berries that accompanies the cocoa notes. There are also ever so slight hints of cedar in the beginning and toward the end of this smoke. There are also some slight notes of honey and cinnamon that is present as well as vanilla and a tangy yet fruity flavor. You will also find the distinctive taste of nuts towards the middle and at the end of this stick, as well as a very slight leathery taste. All of these wonderful flavors blend together to make this stick enjoyable all the way to the nub.

The J Fuego Delirium cigar was described by one reviewer as being the equivalent of smoking an Oreo cookie. Every reviewer also noted that the reason for the wonderful flavor was in part due to the fact that the tobacco is painstakingly aged.

If a complex flavor construction is what you desire, then the J Fuego Delirium cigars are exactly what you want to smoke next. All of the reviewers agree that there are some very unique flavor concentrations found in this particular stick and that this makes it one of the most enjoyable they have had in a long time. Most noted that it was very difficult to put this one down and that they smoked it well beyond the point where they could even comfortably hold it without using a toothpick or a similar device. This speaks volumes about this stick. There really is no bitterness to be experienced with this one throughout, which most of the reviewers were really happy about as well. There seemed to be no harshness, but yet it definitely turned from medium bodied to full bodied toward the end.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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