A cigar store exists for the purpose of offering a wide variety of cigar brands, humidors, and accessories to aspiring and veteran cigar aficionados.  If it operates online, it can transcend geographical barriers and offer products at a fraction of the cost.  An establishment like this provides a wide range of brands to choose from.  Some are offered at a discount, while others represent the utmost in premium quality and pricing. 

The most important accessory you will find in a store is the cigar humidor.  Without a humidor, there is no way to store fine cigars and maintain their quality for very long.  Other accessories you can normally buy include, but are not limited to, cigar lighters, cigar coffee mugs, and cigar cutters. 

Customer service is the number one thing that distinguishes a good cigar store.  When you walk into a brick and mortar store, you should expect world-class treatment.   .  Customer service in our world is defined by two things: establishing the atmosphere of aficionado pleasure, and providing detailed information on cigars and cigar accessories. 

When dealing with an online store you should also expect customer service in the form of community management.  This basically means that every customer that does business with us is someone we want to stay in touch with and assist in finding maximum satisfaction in their pursuit of fine cigar enjoyment.

In addition to excellent custom service, one of the things that make Serious Cigars such a good store is the vast selection of cigars that we offer.  You can find practically any brand in our selection.  There are premium cigars at premium prices, and there are cigar discounts for occasions when less means more.  We have worked so hard over the years to forge strong partnerships with our suppliers and are able to obtain many brands that other cigar stores have difficulty keeping in stock. 

A good online cigar store also offers a wide range of cigar brands, humidors and accessories at reasonable prices, and it knows no geographical boundaries.  It brings incredible convenience to the world of smoking never before experienced until now.  It is no longer necessary to go hunting longer have to go hunt for a cigar store if you live in an area without a brick and mortar shop nearby.  

As smoking itself becomes more and more discouraged in our society, the freedom and convenience of an online cigar store makes www.seriouscigars.com the best friend of the smoker who may live in a municipality where cigar shops have closed and smokers feel ostracized. 

If you want a face-to-face experience with other smokers, come to our cigar store in person.  If you are new to smoking cigars, talking to the staff can teach you much about cigars and cigar etiquette.   If you are a veteran smoker, you get to hang out with other cigar aficionados. 

As smokers we love our freedom.  Remember always, when it comes to cigar stores, the choice is yours, and the freedom is yours.    


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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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