The state of South Dakota is known for three things. First is the national landmark of Mount Rushmore. Next, is the worlds largest motorcycle rally that meets every year at Sturgis. Finally, is the historic city of Deadwood. This former frontier town is famous for its Wild West stories, including being the town where legendary gunfighter Wild Bill Hickock was finally gunned down. HBO made one of its most popular TV series based upon the town, making it known to a modern audience. Located in the town is one of the worlds finest cigar lounges, Deadwood cigars, an old style tobacconist and cigar bar. The owners actually became one of the first retail shops to carry Drew Estate products, way back in the day. After the brand became successful, they teamed up with Jonathan drew to create their own line of cigars.

 Deadwood Cigars combine the historic Wild West element of the town with the biker culture that has become prominent over the past few years. The art work for each of the cigars is straight Americana tattoo style, while the names are just as crazy as the blend. With sizes such as the Fat Bottom Betty or the Crazy Alice, Deadwood cigars fit perfectly into the Drew Estate portfolio.

 The team at Serious Cigars are very happy to now sell Deadwood Cigars. Through a combination of terrific tobacco, creative artwork, and top of the line marketing, Deadwood have become some of the most requested cigars in the Drew Estate portfolio, and you can enjoy them right now at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Jan 28, 2019


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