Origin: Dominican Republic                        Binder: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: United States, Connecticut         Strength: Mild to Medium

Filler: Dominican Republic

Davidoff Thousand CigarsAs a novice smoker eager to dive into the sometimes complex world of cigars, many inquiries about cigars that exhibit luxury, as well as an outstanding reputation will quickly be met with a response highlighting the Davidoff Thousand line of cigars. Products of the Davidoff family brand, these cigars are filled with luxurious blends that provide complete satisfaction that allows for the ultimate cigar smoking  indulgence. Once the fire is lit, it becomes obvious why many smokers are drawn to the Davidoff Thousand line and keep coming back for more, time and time again.

Given the exceptional reputation of the Davidoff line of cigars for their consistently superb cigars, it is no wonder the history behind these sticks also holds an admirable story. Starting out as a small family owned business, the Davidoff family strived to make their cigar shop into a place that was respected. However, little did they know, after sending their son, Zino, to study cigar making, the family shop would turn into a thriving business. As a result, the Davidoff family of Geneva, Switzerland has been producing some of the world’s finest cigars for generations, including the Davidoff Thousand, as well as cigar humidors, cutters, ashtrays and a variety of other accessories that pertain to the experience of smoking a quality stick.

Davidoff Thousand cigars are comprised of tobaccos from up to four different harvests and are rolled by hand in the Dominican Republic by some of the best rollers in the business. In fact, that skill is just one of the reasons this line of cigars has been tagged for brilliance, not only in flavor and performance, but in construction as well. Each cigar is adorned with a white band showcasing the family name in a simplistic fashion, which provides a direct contrast to the exquisite quality embodied in each rod. Upon removing the band, a beautiful, even-toned Connecticut wrapper is exposed in perfect form without any visible imperfections in either leaf, or construction.

The complex Dominican blend of tobaccos, which are used in filling these treasures, gives these sticks a complex, yet distinct flavor and aroma. In fact, many describe the Davidoff Thousand Series by referring directly to their perfectly balanced taste, which is softer than the full-bodied Davidoff Grand Cru series, but overshadows the Classic Series. With soft chocolate flavors, this line of Thousands will not only please the palate, but will make for a satisfied smoker after experiencing the added benefits of an even smoke, and heavenly aromas.

Overall, this line of Davidoff cigars exhibits quality and perfection in every aspect. With a flawless construction, pleasing aroma, and stellar reputation, it is no wonder this series is at the top of the list of seasoned aficionados from all over the world. In addition, because these sticks represent the very definition of a refined and luxurious smoke, they make the perfect partner for a special occasions, and relaxation alike. No matter what the ambience of choice, this line of Thousands will undoubtedly keep luring one in from the first draw. Everyone should consider stocking a few of these beauties in their humidors to have available at all times.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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