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Cigar: Davidoff Special           Binder: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Connecticut             Strength: Medium to Full

 Filler: Dominican Republic      Origin: Dominican Republic

Davidoff Special CigarWhen asking a seasoned aficionado advice about where to start searching for the perfect cigar, more often than not he will point the way straight to the Davidoff Special cigars without hesitation. This is no coincidence. Instead, this is a direct result of the stellar reputation this line of cigars has built over the years, as well as the always reliable quality associated with these beautiful sticks. The Davidoff Special series are all rolled by the most experienced hands, with extraordinary attention to even the most minuscule details.

This series is made up of a variety of different cigars, which can make the choice of selecting the perfect smoke quite a challenge at times. The cigars presented in this line include the infamous ‘R’ and ‘Double R’ cigars, as well as an impressive lineup of several figurado shapes such as a Torpedo, two Pyramids, a Perfecto, and the exotic three-cigar-braided Culebra. No matter which of the Davidoff Special series is chosen for cigar smoking, any cigar lover will relish in the glory of enjoying the most exquisite tobaccos the Dominican Republic has to offer. In fact, each cigar has a blend of up to four different harvested tobaccos all mixed together to create a smoke that is sure to leave the palate dancing with joy.

Upon first laying eyes on one of these beauties, one will notice the expert craftsmanship that goes into making each and every cigar unique because they are handmade. Soon after, the bright Connecticut wrapper will capture the smokers attention and lure him in like a love goddess dangling a forbidden fruit before the tempted. Once setting light to one of the cigars, the temptation will become a reality and the senses will overflow with the satisfaction from the sweet aroma and pleasing taste.

Although many of the tastes are reminiscent of the traditional Davidoff brand and classic way of doing things, the Davidoff Special series unveils just how skilled and artfully put together these cigars are. The flavors tend to remain somewhat constant, which can be very relaxing in that it provides a steady stream of flavor and it allows the cigar lover to relax without the anticipation of a power punch. However, a power punch is not needed because they have such a robust flavor to begin with. Notes of an underlying woody flavor can be identified relatively easily and provide a nice creamy sensation across the palate.

Overall, the Davidoff Special series cigars are among the best of the best when it comes to reviews. From the beautiful Unites States Connecticut wrapper to the luxurious blend of four Dominican grown tobaccos, this line of cigars has built a reputation that will be intact and will last for years to come. Once the smoke finally clears, one will take a memory of a moment in time when total satisfaction was had and will look forward to revisiting that same feeling in the future. Thus, there is no doubt that the Special series will quickly find its way into the beloved humidors in the world to await a much anticipated meeting between man and leaf.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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