Wrapper: Ecuadorian, Connecticut, Yamasa Dominican                     Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican                                                                               Strength: Mild to Medium Full

Sizes: Varies                                                                                     Origin: Dominican Republic

Davidoff Sampler PackTo acquire a Davidoff Sampler is to get the privilege of experiencing a variety of well crafted, premium cigars. Their collections include the 12 Count, 3 Count Tubos, 9 Count, Puro d’Oro, and the Robusto Collection. Each one was flawlessly produced with some of the best Dominican tobaccos. Regardless of which Davidoff Sampler you have in your personal humidor, you’ll be smoking some of the finest cigars from a company with true history.

The Davidoff brand dates back as far as 1911 when a young Zino Davidoff and his family fled Russia to settle in Geneva. It was there that the first Davidoff family cigar shop was born. Growing up in the business and studying tobacco farming for a short while gave Zino the drive to dedicate himself to the tobacco industry for many years to come. His ever expanding knowledge and extensive travels led to many successes along the way, including the new tobacco blends he created and the discovery of new and improved storage techniques. As with any business venture, Davidoff had his obstacles, but ultimately ended up back in the Dominican Republic doing what he always did best….creating high quality, desirable cigars.

We’ll take a closer look at the Puro d’Oro Collection. This Davidoff Sampler, which means “pure gold” is made up of four of their medium strength Puro d’Oro cigars, including the Magnificos, Notables, Sublimes, and Deliciosos. Each stick in this series sports a seamless Yamasa Dominican wrapper and contains a rich Dominican blend of tobaccos. They all wear a gold band with the format name embossed on it at the foot, as well as a pigtail cap on the head. This collection is displayed nicely in a classically designed box.

Each vitola in this particular Davidoff Sampler provides the same unique, yet enjoyable smoking experience that each rod under the Davidoff name is known for. The Robusto Magnificos format is a full-bodied smoke in a mocha hued wrapper. The initial aroma is spicy, yet once lit it provides a dominating, sweet coffee scent. The smoke concludes with a woodsy flavor, mixed with a trace of a spicy seasoning.

The Corona Gorda Notable in this collection is the largest in the box. The pre-lit draw brings a scent reminiscent of freshly mowed grass. That scent continues to play a role in the first puffs, as it is mixed with a bit of spiciness. This consistently full–bodied cigar continues to take you through a sweet, peppery journey, right through to the end. It is a very smooth smoke throughout.

Next in the Davidoff Sampler is the Petit Panetela Sublime format, which is the smallest stick in the collection. Beginning in its pre-lit stage and continuing throughout the smoke, this rod has a barnyard aroma and flavor to it. There are slight undertones of creamy sweetness that come and go all the way through. Despite its smaller size, the Sublime burns at an even and steady pace, holding the ash perfectly.

Lastly is the Corona Deliciosos, which is the strongest stick in the sampler. It accentuates the powerful flavor and aroma that lies in the premium Yamasa wrapper. This slow burning format has a wonderful mixture of sugarcane, with subtle hints of pepper spinkled throughout the entire smoke.

You can’t go wrong with a Davidoff Sampler, whether it is for a gift, or for your own personal pleasure. The carefully aged tobacco paired with the sleek Dominican grown leaves make the Puro d’ Oro a stick for seasoned aficionados. This collection will give you a chance to experience the consistent quality and superior originality the Davidoff brand has to offer.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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