Davidoff Nicaragua Cigar Article (536)

Davidoff Nicaragua CigarsA Davidoff Nicaragua Cigar is a product manufactured by Davidoff, a Swiss company that specializes in smoking and accessories founded in 1875. This specific stogie was released in June of 2013. It is known exclusively for its contents of 100% Puro Nicaraguan blend tobacco coupled with a wrapping of a golden brown, 10 year old Habano Seed Nicaragua Rosado. The different blends within the tobacco are from Esteli, Condega, and Ometeoe with a Jalapa binder. The Davidoff Nicaragua Cigar is only made in the Dominican Republic, and is available in three sizes: Toro (1/2 x 54), Robusto(5 x 50), and Short Corona(3 3/4 x 46).

In general, a cigar is a tightly packed collection of tobacco rolled in the widest section of a tobacco plant leaf. When ignited, the flavor travels through the stick and allows for smoke to be taken in through the mouth.  The “wrappers” or dried leafs are responsible for a good amount of flavor within the smoke, and range from seven major shades: Double Claro, Claro, Colorado Claro, Colorado, Colorado Maduro, Maduro, and Oscuro. However, the tobacco inside of the wrapper is also responsible for the flavor, and is usually dried, fermented, and combined with fillers. Fillers are a variation of different bundles of tobacco held together by binders, which are elastic leaves to help the contents remain compact. There are usually multiple types of fillers inside a single stogie in hope of achieving the “perfect” blend.

Cigars also vary in size, with charts depending on the specific brand and producer. Sizes are determined by length and ring gauge. Examples of a few specific sizes are Corona, Churchill, Robusto, Double Corona, and Panatela.

According to Davidoff, these sticks are designed to stimulate bitter and sweet taste buds in the smoothest way possible. Davidoff also claims that the three sizes will vary the experience of each stick, but they all basically have the same journey with each cigar. They initially boast a peppery and spicy beginning then calm down into a creamy taste with hints of cocoa/dark chocolate. Most reviewers agree with the company, in the sense that the Davidoff Nicaragua Cigar is full of flavor that breaks down into thirds when smoking it.

The first-third is described as peppery, with the flavor stimulating the back of the palate just enough to be evident, sprinkled in with a little bit of sweetness due to the oats and nuts. The second-third is explained as the earthy tone of the smoke. Here reviewers state that the stogie loses its “peppery” strength with every puff, and turns into more of a creamier taste with definite sweet hints of oak and almonds. The last third of the stick is described to be full of the coffee and cocoa bean flavor with the creaminess hitting a peak. Reviewers also state, the Davidoff Nicaragua Cigar not only have a great flavor, but also a flawless even burn that takes just under an hour to consume.

Overall, the Davidoff Nicaragua Cigar is a unique addition to an already accomplished company. Its unparalleled combination of flavors perfectly complements each other while also maintaining great structure and integrity allowing for a nice burn. It is a must have for any smoker.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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