Cigar: Davidoff Millennium                                          Size: 7.25 x 40 (Lancero)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Hybrid                                       Binder: Dominican Seco

Filler: Dominican Ligero & Seco                                  Strength: Medium

Price: $18-$20 each                                                         Hand made

Before getting started, it has to be noted that Davidoff Millenium Lancero smokers are a breed unto themselves. Michael Herklots of the Davidoff shop in Columbus Circle in NYC says that the aficionado who prefers Davidoff Millenium lancers is “An educated one. A confident one…—he doesn't need a trophy that other people recognize as great. He or she knows it's great, and that's enough." So we are looking at a smoke that is preferred by hardy individualists who prefer a cigar that is the most full-bodied of the Davidoff lines.

Though Davidoff has made lanceros for decades, the Millennium Blend Lancero, released in Spring of 2008, was their first new regular-production Davidoff Lancero in more than 20 years.

Merely looking at it, pre-light, the Davidoff Millennium Lancero is a fine-looking cigar. The rich-looking Ecuadorian Hybrid wrapper glistens with an oily medium brown cocoa color. Well-rolled, the Millennium has a short pigtail cap, and is smooth and firm to the touch with no soft spots. As for the bands, it has the classic white and gold Davidoff band which gives the size of the cigar, as well as a secondary band that proclaims it to be the Millennium Blend.

Though stronger than your typical cigar, the Davidoff Millennium Lancero exhibits the familiar essence of roasted nuts with a hint of cedar and spice in the first third. The spice begins to be recognizable as nutmeg, surrounded by cedar and a hint of earthiness in the second third. Finally, it is in the concluding third that this smoke is inundated with the earthy tones layered with notes of nuts, cedar, and spice remaining throughout this enjoyable cigar.

The burn was astounding in this Millennium Lancero, burning evenly and remaining lighted throughout. This Davidoff Millenium, in keeping with other lanceros, also has a salt and pepper-colored ash. It draws nicely and smokes at a relaxing pace—nice for contemplation and reflection with a good volume of fairly light smoke.

Like a melody that remains with you long after the concert is over, the strong roasted nuts flavor that layered with cedar and sweet tobacco notes was primary to the Davidoff Millennium Lancero. The enjoyable flavors remained for hours afterwards, making the pleasure of this enjoyable smoke last even longer.

For many who feel that a cigar should be a kaleidoscope of potent notes and flavors, the Davidoff Millennium Lancero’s somewhat smooth and pleasant flavor may seem lacking. It should be remembered, though, that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, the palate of the smoker. There are aficionados who find the quality, continuity, and good taste of this exceptional cigar to be a great pleasure worth revisiting, and there are also those who find great enjoyment pairing a superlative cigar with a fine meal or a subtle wine, creating their own personal symphony of flavors and aromas. The Davidoff Millenium Lancero is a cigar and blend that lends itself to such a nostalgic time of reflection, friendships, and good-living.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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