Cigar: Davidoff Grand Cru

Country: Dominican Republic                      Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Dominican Republic                        Filler: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium to mild-bodied                Flavor: Full


Davidoff grand Cru CigarsThe Davidoff Grand Cru was the legendary Zino Davidoff’s initial cigar series of his own released in 1946 when the family was still located in Geneva, Switzerland. A proponent of “The Good Life,” Zino produced cigars that were as perfect and harmonious as possible in looks, presentation, flavor, aroma, and burn. The Grand Cru is perfect to look upon, and characterized by a perfect burn, easy draw, ideally balanced flavor, and all the consistency a 72-point inspection process can insure, plus seamless wrappers. Rolled from one contiguous tobacco leaf by select master rollers (a skill most rollers cannot achieve) and then blended to perfection, Davidoff cigars feature hand-selected 4-year-aged, Dominican fillers. The Davidoff Grand Cru Series features an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper and sets the standard for a full-flavored, medium-bodied profile.

Davidoff began producing cigars in Cuba in 1969 at the "El Laguito" factory in the suburbs of Havana until 1991 when production of all Cuban Davidoff cigars ceased. Zino passed away on January 14, 1994 having completed the move to the Dominican Republic in 1990. The Davidoff brand currently produces eight different lines of premium handmade cigars: the Grand Cru, Limited Edition, Zino Platinum Scepter, Millennium Blend, Aniversario, Mille, Specials, and the Classic series. The tobaccos used to make the Davidoff lines are based on five different blends of tobacco, each aged for at least four years for a smooth, distinctive taste evocative of “The Good Life.”

The first thing one notices about a Davidoff Grand Cru cigar, of course, is the SINGLE-wrapped, silky smooth, rich caramel brown wrapper leaf. Close your eyes and imagine a picture perfect cigar in whatever size you prefer—the Davidoffs will come close to your expectations, if not exceed them. The exquisite construction of the Grand Cru is as flawless as Davidoff’s 72-point inspections can make them. The initial pre-light draw leaves nothing to be desired.

Some smokers in the past, having loved the premium filler so much that they did not want to waste it, decided not to use a cutter on the cap.  Instead, they used a punch to make a small hole, and then took their sweet time lighting this fantastic smoke with a match. 


Regardless of how you choose to light it, you will certainly notice that the aromatic, thick smoke is deliciously creamy.  The Davidoff Grand Cru burns splendidly and the ash is firm.

Incomparable describes the Davidoff Grand Cru cigar. It has an intensely complex taste which is both sweet and spicy with underlying tones of delicate toasty notes as well as sweet hay. The carefully blended mixture including salty Olor, acidic San Vicente, and peppery Piloto Cubano tobaccos produces a unique flavor experience that dances across even the most jaded of palates. This ballet of multi-layered tastes remains exquisitely harmonious throughout the smoke, even as the Davidoff Grand Cru exhibits a superb draw with a razor straight burn to the end.

Quality does not come inexpensively, but the Davidoff Grand Cru delivers quality, élan, and ambience—and that’s priceless.

This cigar is highly recommended for everyone who strives for “The Good Life” that can be experienced with this unparalleled mild to medium-bodied cigar.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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