Cigar: Davidoff Classic 

Origin: Santiago, Dominican Republic                Wrapper: USA/Connecticut Shade         

Binder: Dominican Republic                               Filler: Dominican Republic

Flavor: Mild                                          

Davidoff Classic CigarsThe Davidoff Classic is known worldwide for the master craftsmanship and superb blends of delightful flavor and aroma for which the Davidoff name is renowned. The Davidoff family has been making fine cigars for more than 100 years, and it has been well-known for mixing fine Oriental tobaccos long before. 

Zino Davidoff was born in Russia in 1906. The family prospered as Zino matured in Geneva, Switzerland.  Then, at the age of 19, he traveled to South America, where he dedicated himself to learning all aspects of the cultivation of tobacco from the ground up. 

When he returned home, he brought with him a mastery of the theory and techniques which permitted him to invent new storage methods and create new blends. Zino then catapulted the family to the forefront of the cigar industry with his Grand Cru and Château cigar lines in 1947. The Davidoff name became synonymous with luxury and affluence.  

Pairing up with a Cuban cigar company in the 70’s revolutionized their cigars, but ended when the family packed up once more— this time for the Dominican Republic. Using the centuries-old techniques learned by Zino, and the choicest four years-aged tobacco leaves, combined with the consistent Davidoff dedication to quality has resulted in Dominican tobacco maturing into exquisite cigars that promote “The Good Life.”  

The company offers several lines of cigars to suit every palate: the intensely flavored and full-bodied Grand Cru line, the full and mature Millennium Blend, as well as the milder but delightfully creamy Davidoff Classic line.  The Classic was first created in Cuba in 1946 and is representative of the overall quality and character of the Davidoff lines. 

Wrapped in a beautifully satiny smooth Connecticut shade wrapper of a perfectly even light golden brown, reminiscent of creamy milk chocolate, the gorgeous Davidoff Classic has the oily sheen one expects from the finest cigars and a pigtail cap. It is well-constructed, and the cold aroma is of sweet tobacco and cedar (#2 comes in a cedar-lined tubo). 

The initial draw is good, if a little on the tight side, but still gives lots of aromatic smoke. The burn is clean and razor straight—just what you expect from such a well-made cigar of such distinguished antecedents. Surprisingly, it has been noted that the ash drops sooner than expected. 

With all the talk of mildness, many smokers expect the Davidoff Classic to be long on creaminess and short on flavor, but this happily not so. Though it may be mild in terms of nicotine content, the flavors are almost sinfully rich.  

Delightfully creamy, this cigar is nearly sensuous; it tantalizes your olfactory nerve even as it makes your mouth sing with panoply of rich chocolate, leather, nuts, with undertones of coffee. The richness of flavors combined with the creaminess and aroma of the smoke on the tongue and in the air is nearly sybaritic—the Davidoff Classic is certainly evocative of the pleasures of living la dolce vita. 

 “The Good Life” doesn’t come cheap, and neither do cigars of this quality which prevents many aficionados from keeping them in the regular rotations. However, there are times and occasions when nothing will do but a Davidoff Classic—a definite keeper in everyone’s humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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