Davidoff Capa Dominicana Cigar

Wrapper: Capa Dominicana                   Binder: San Vicente Dominican

Filler: Dominican                                   Strength: Medium to Full

Color: Natural 

Daivdoff Capa Dominicana CigarDavidoff Capa Dominicana is the Dominican Puro cigar first released in 2003.  It was grown in Yamasá, and it is made with leaf grown as far back as 1996.  However, their efforts to expand the tobacco-growing capacity in the Dominican Republic, which has a history of fine cigar-making, have been beset with political woes.  

Cited in Smoke Magazine Online, Phillip Wynne, the owner of Felipe Gregorio, Inc. (which produces cigars in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua) maintains that “While educating and equipping tobacco farmers is undoubtedly one of the hurdles being overcome, much of the difficulty involved in growing wrapper in the country stems from economics.” 

Finally making landmark strides, Davidoff’s Hendrik “Henkie” Kelner (think exceedingly patient master tobacconist in a lab coat) was very excited about the “perfect” 2005-6 harvest. And, by perfect, he meant the ideal weather pattern that produces the world’s finest tobacco—rainy one day with sunshine and blue skies the next.  

But he also meant perfect as in producing the perfect specimen for the location. Beginning with Cuban Corojo seeds, he used Mendel’s rules of genetic inheritance, interbreeding dozens of varieties of tobacco until he had cultivated the ideal tobacco in appearance, size, and aroma that he named Davidoff Capa Dominicana. 

Davidoff has been doing a lot of scientific testing: building their Cuban-style fermentation sheds and irrigation systems in diverse areas to find how much difference the locations will influence the quality and flavor of the tobacco. This, of course, limits the amount of Dominican wrapper they can produce, and causes the extremely limited edition status of the Davidoff Capa Dominicana—to the sorrow of cigar aficionados worldwide. 

The wrappers are a rich deep brown with a pigtail and look that says, “Caribbean select.”  The wrapper has an impressively even tone and is like silk to the touch. The pre-light draw is easy and quite nice.

The easy pre-light draw is a true indicator of what is to come: the draw remains perfect, the burn is good, and the ash is firm and holds well. 

As one would expect of a cigar with the fine pedigree and care that Davidoff lavishes on their smokes, the Davidoff Capa Dominicana is a medium to full smooth-bodied cigar heavily spiced with soft notes of pepper and a distinctive grassy taste. The Davidoff creaminess that is almost a trademark is also evident in this Dominican Puro. 

The Davidoff Capa Dominicana is another notch in the Davidoff belt: creamy perfection. If you do not smoke one of these to the nub, there is something seriously wrong with you or your palate.  It is always recommended for anyone looking for a very special, medium to full bodied cigar that is filled with the entire flavor one expects of a Davidoff cigar.  

Of course, like all of the fine Davidoff offerings, the price tag is a bit high, so they make the best keepers for that special moment when only the best will do. These limited edition lines make them perfect for that once in a lifetime celebration.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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