Shopping For A Cusano Rare Cameroon 59 Cigar OnlineThe Cusano Rare Cameroon 59 cigar is a fine brand of smoke created and imported from the Dominican Republic. The name 59 came about because that was the year that Joe Chiusano’s, founder Mike Chiusano’s brother was born. The rest of the name was born from the special African Cameroon wrapper used in this brand. Cusano comes from the series this smoke originates from. Put all of these aspects together and the name of this cigar was born. The flavors along with the look of this stogie create a product that any smoker would wish to try.

Similar to the rest of the smokes in this variety there are two wrappings. One wrapping is a West African Cameroon, and the other is a Dominican sun-grown wrapper. This variety is considered a Toro Gordo with a Dominican Republic filler and binder. Each Cusano Rare Cameroon 59 cigar is hand made for the best quality and texture. The varieties of fillers are wrapped together using an African Cameroon finish. The combination of the exotic fillers, binders, and wrappers lead to a superb smoke that is reasonably priced by all accounts.

The flavor that is packed into this 6 x 54 length smoke is a mixture of sweetness, spiciness, and a fruity flavoring. A Cusano Rare Cameroon 59 cigar is made with its wide range of tastes and smells to satisfy any smoker. Many reviewers noted that the first-third starts off with a sweet spice and cedar that emerges into a fruity and vanilla finish. The second-third leads into a more masculine scent. Leather along with wine flavors hit, creating a bitter taste that is still pleasing to the palate. The final length of the cigar offers a cherry flavor that holds out until the very end. The bitterness gets more noticeable and gives a good kick to finish off the fine smoke.

Reviewers claim that the Cusano Rare Cameroon 59 cigar has a decent burn, and a nearly perfect draw
. The firm ash and complex flavoring leave a smoker wanting more. This cigar is perfect for an everyday brand. Several people also stated that this brand is a nice addition to the Cusano series. The overall experience was enjoyable and smokers stated that they would indulge in this variety again very soon. Packages can be picked up in single quantities or larger amounts including bundles of five, ten, or twenty.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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