Cusano M1 Bundles Cigar Offer Value Priced Premium TobaccoThe Cusano M1 bundles cigar is part of a brand that has always managed to stay out of the spotlight. This isn’t much of a surprise because it is included under the Davidoff umbrella, a powerful brand in the tobacco industry. However, even though it stays under the radar, it manages to produce excellent value stogies that bring premium blends to aficionados of all types. This blend is another example of this idea and is perfect for Macanudo fans that are on a budget.


The stogie features a Connecticut Shade wrapper, and a binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic. They are available in five vitolas, including Robusto (5 x 50), Torpedo (6 x 53), 606 (6 x 60), Corona (6 1/2 x 42) and Churchill (7 1/2 x 50). The wrapper is medium brown in color and has a slightly dry, but silky feel to it. The band is basic, but sharp, with the name of the brand and blend stamped in strong black lettering on a white background. Reviewers detected several flavors on the prelight draw, including some cream, pepper and tobacco notes.


The first-third of the Cusano M1 Bundles cigar starts off with some bold black pepper that dominates the first several draws. After it dies down some, a sweet cream flavor fills out the profile and pushes the black pepper to the back of the palate. A mocha coffee flavor is also present, starting in the background and slowly building up to the forefront with the cream. Some reviewers also tasted a toffee flavor in the mix, though it is more of a tertiary note at this point.


During the second-third of the stick, the cream notes remain the strongest and reviewers found them to be particularly sweet. The mocha coffee shifts to a secondary role at this point and the black pepper is confined to the retrohale. The toffee flavor is stronger in this part of the stogie and plays a strong second to the banana cream. Some reviewers also tasted some molasses and honey in the smoke, giving the stogie an even sweeter feel.


In the final third of the Cusano M1 Bundles cigar, the sweet cream is still the strongest note, though it isn’t quite as sweet at this point. The mocha coffee and toffee are both tertiary in this part of the stick, but a strong leather taste helps balance out the cream. Near the end of the stogie, the black pepper makes a final surge and delivers some spicy kicks before the smoke ends on a smooth note.

For a value stogie, this stick performs well, with a burn that only requires the occasional touch up and an agreeable draw. It is mild to medium in body and close to mild in strength. In all, it is a perfect introductory stick for new smokers and a smart choice for an aficionado that frequently enjoys a pleasant after dinner smoke.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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