Culivari Gloria de Leon Series CigarsNot many smokers have heard of the Curivari - Gloria de Leon series cigars, but given the opportunity, this stogie is a definite crowd pleaser for people that appreciate a medium bodied experience. A somewhat pallid appearance is deceiving because the stylishness of this stick is not evident upon first glance. Some reviewers have gone as far as saying that the stogie may not be pretty but that it makes up for it with the exceptional construction and taste.

The Nicaraguan wrapper is rough and lacks the popular rich oily coloration of many other popular sticks. There are minimal soft spots and the firmness is neither too loose nor too firm. In fact, the firmness has been noted to be continues throughout the entire smoking experience. The pre-light aroma was not dominated by any particular scent, but it was noted that the first draw was very smooth and even.

While there is a slight harshness to the Nicaraguan filler, the harshness subsequently added something unique to the stogie. Reviewers are all stating that the Curivari - Gloria de Leon series of cigars is a medium bodied smoke with a slight bit of harshness that almost takes it into the full bodied range. Thick, dense smoke is emitted as the aficionado enjoys the first flavors of dark chocolate mixed with nutmeg and light java. An aftertaste of sweet cinnamon remained on the tongue, pleasing those that reviewed this stick.

Throughout the second third, reviews said that the flavors remained the same with the strength of the initial third slightly diminishing. Towards the middle of the second third, that sweetness that was evident early on started to vanish a bit and be replaced by a slight peppery flavor. The smoke remained strong and thick, offering stability found with only the best premium sticks. The reviewers have been raving about the Curivari - Gloria de Leon series cigars.

By the final third, the flavors were noted to have all mellowed, leaving behind a tasty and pleasant flavor of medium bodied tobacco. The tightness of the ash was evident throughout, with an even burn that did not leave behind any hot drops of ash. Several reviewers stated that they were able to say goodbye to burn holes in their favorite shirts.

These handmade stogies are winning a place in more and more humidors. Each stick is created from 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos giving it a truly unique balance. An authentic Cuban process ensures that the fermentation stage is carefully monitored for the best results. This will guarantee a smoother, more enjoyable tobacco flavor that is never too strong or overpowered by other flavors. The Curivari - Gloria de Leon series cigars are all about the ideal balance between strength and flavor.

This often understated balanced cigar is an exceptional example of how what lies under the wrapper is not always defined by the outward appearance. The brownish red coloring with its slight roughness holds a flavorful mix of light espresso, slight pepper and the occasional hint of black cherry.

Finding Curivari - Gloria de Leon series cigars is easy, whether looking in the neighborhood shop or a favorite online store. The delectable smoothness and evenness make this a popular choice, but many aficionados mistakenly bypass the stogie because of the wrapper. There are no fancy boxes or labeling. Instead, reviewers claim that what lies underneath makes this a top of the line stick without the high price tag. Enjoy one of three vitolas with a favorite drink and relax with this tasty offering. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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