EL Gran Rey Cigar By CulivariCurivari El Gran Rey cigars are constructed from Nicaraguan grown, Cuban seed tobacco, with a mixture of Corojo and Criollo. They are described as a Nicaraguan Puro, which means that the binder, wrapper and filler are made entirely from the tobaccos of one country. A well-made puro is valued because only two countries have been capable of producing them with the results of complex flavors that are associated with blending tobacco leaves from different countries.

Upon the initial inspection, Curivari El Gran Rey cigars usually come with a medium brown wrapper that has minimal veins, is firm to the touch with no soft spots, and sports a triple cap. The triple cap is identified by a straight line wrapping around the cigar twice with a cap at the top; the cap holds the wrapper on, and multiple caps prevent unraveling.

These smokes are expertly hand rolled for a solid construction and even burn. Many reviewers praised the burn of the Curivari El Gran Rey cigars with very few commenting on needing to correct or relight it. The ash produced was described as being salt and pepper in color and grew to ¾ of an inch before needing to be tapped off.

It has been noted that there is a light scent of leather both before lighting and with the initial draw that greets the palate. A few reviewers reported that the flavor experience of Curivari El Gran Rey cigars starts off mild and grows in strength. The initial taste of leather is replaced by sweeter suggestions of black tea, caramel and honey. Midway through the flavor profile shifts to include some bitterness, such as oak and walnut that only adds to the complexity of the blend. Around the midway point many reviewers noted a pleasant presentation of a creamy flavor that balanced out the dark wood tastes. The critiques also mentioned the spice of the El Gran Rey, stating that is contained a peppery kick that builds in the middle and final third, with the latter noticing the leather notes found in the beginning coming through once again.

Reviewers described this as a medium-body cigar with a smooth draw that doesn’t produce a ton of smoke, but still releases a satisfying amount that will please any level of aficionado. Many people complimented the wonderful aroma that permeated the air while enjoying this stick.

The Curivari brand is dedicated to making cigars with a complex blend of flavors and aromas rather than focusing only on the strength. Subtle nuances in flavor make this a smoke capable of being enjoyed by new smokers as well as seasoned aficionados. The Curivari El Gran Rey cigars come in multiple sizes in order to please enthusiasts of each: Prominentes (6.5 x 50), Belicosos (5 ⅜ x 52) and Emperadores (5 x 50). The different sizes and ring gauges equal differing durations of smoking, with the Emperadores capable of being finished in around 45 minutes, Belicosos take roughly an hour, and the Prominentes being closer to an hour and a half before completion.They are available as affordable singles or in sets of ten packaged in their own cedar box. This brand, long popular in Europe, is gaining more local popularity based on their well-made Puros that tend to be flavorful without overwhelming the palate, and affordable while still providing great quality.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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