Find Curivari Achilles Cigars Reviews OnlineThe Curivari Achilles cigars come from what may be the most private company in the tobacco industry. The brand’s media presence is close to zero and even its own sales reps often operate in the dark for stretches of time. The only time the company comes out of its shell is during the IPCPR Trade Show, where it tends to show off a few excellent blends and discuss release details before falling off the radar again. This blend is another such release, catching aficionados by surprise at the 2013 IPCPR. It is only available four months out of the year and is produced in limited qualities, so it may be difficult to track this stogie down.

This blend is a Nicaraguan puro and is available in three vitolas, including Heroicos (5 1/4 x 50), Gloriosos (5 3/4 x 56) and Eternos (6 1/4 x 52). It is golden brown in appearance and has just a slight bit of veining. It is smooth as silk, though, with an oily feel that gives the stick a decadent feel. The band is a classic stamped gold embellished with red and white. The band features the name of the stick in stylistic bold lettering. Reviewers detected a tasty mix of coffee, spice, fruit, leather and salt on the prelight draw.

During the initial third of the Curivari Achilles cigars, black pepper and cedar play the primary flavor roles, though they both start fairly mild. This is a subtle blend that builds its flavors slowly but methodically. Near the end of the first-third, the flavor bumps up in complexity and reviewers found nuts, caramel and herbs in the profile, all secondary to the cedar notes. The black pepper is only on the finish and retrohale at this point.

In the second-third of the stogie, some hay and natural tobacco flavors enter the picture, bumping the pepper and cedar out altogether. Both notes start out subtle, like all of the other flavors in this blend, but quickly ramp up to a dominant role. In the background, the caramel is still present, though the nuts and herbs have faded out. About halfway into the stogie, a sweet cinnamon also emerges, giving the smoke a nice balance of flavors.

The final third of the Curivari Achilles cigars is the best the part, according to most reviewers. While the other two segments ease into their flavors, the last third quickly hits with a roasted nut flavor that envelopes the entire profile. The roasted nuts are backed up with the cinnamon and caramel, which impart something close to a holiday taste. Aficionados who enjoy the tastes and smells of the holiday season will find this stick delectable.

This brand is known for its supreme craftsmanship and smart blending, and this stogie is no different
. It scores well on burn and draw, though it does need the occasional touch up. It’s likely the strongest blend in the company’s portfolio, though it is still only a firm medium. It is an ideal smoke for people getting in the holiday spirit and for novice enthusiasts looking for something and a little stronger.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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