Cult Ometepe Cigars are fast becoming a favorite due to their delightful flavors and complexity.Cult Ometepe Cigars are a unique offering that hails from Nicaragua.  The sticks are manufactured in a tiny boutique.  This quaint location has already been known for producing top quality stogies. The brand initially came out with two other lines known as the Classic and the Fuerte. Many reviewers have noted that the creators of this brand take great care in producing flavors that will please. These sticks are manufactured by Tacasa, and they are categorized as being a medium to full bodied strength. 

Aficionados are able to purchase this stogie in four different sizes.  The various names and sizes include Grande Robusto (5.50 x 54), Grande Toro (6 x60), Torpedo (6.25 x 52) and Grande Churchill (7 x 54). Cult Ometepe Cigars are also only available in a limited supply.  The rare tobacco that is used in each stogie comes from a volcanic lake region of Nicaragua.  The binder is also of Nicaraguan origin.

To understand the unique qualities of this product, it is important to describe its physical characteristics.    Each box is expertly crafted with an intricate design.  The outside of the boxes are all made of beautiful wood.  Metal surrounds the wood with adorning accents and corner guards.  The box looks like it was excavated from a pirate ship many centuries ago. Every stick is handmade with the tag line of “Life’s too short to smoke alone.”  Each stogie costs around $8.00 retail, and one box contains 24 handcrafted cigars.

The wrapper is of Ecuadorian Habano descent.
Per reviews, the seams appear to be rather tight with big and small veins prevalent throughout.  Cult Ometepe Cigars have a solid construction and impressive cap. From the initial aroma and pre-light draw, many reviewers noted hints of leather, cedar and ginger. All in all, they said that this is a stogie that can be enjoyed from the morning to late into the evening.

From the first touch of a favored cigar lighter, reviewers note a mildly spicy flavor, with a nice amount of smoke coming out quite rapidly.  Leather and delightful tobacco aromas begin to take their place, and other flavors noted included orange citrus and vanilla. As aficionados continue on the journey, elements of red pepper begin to form and the ash flowers. Many other flavors now begin to be sensed on the palate.  Reviewers begin to note flavors of yeast, herbs and butter, caramel, and a slight bit of tarragon at this point.

During the second third, reviewers begin to notice an increase in spiciness.  The body of the stogie begins to increase at this point as a pleasant smoothness and bold sweetness comes forth.  The hint of herb butter reappears as the leather taste disappears. The last third of the Cult Ometepe Cigars has reviewers noting the sweetness factor increasing.  The elements of spiciness and creaminess also continue.  Reviewers note the overall balance and impressive char line.  The finish is noted as being splendid, all the way to the nub.

With their exotic blends and expert craftsmanship, Cult Ometepe Cigars are quickly becoming a fan favorite.  Though some reviewers note that this stick is not for the novice due to its complexity and strength, many others note that it is not overpowering or unbalanced in the least. It is said to be soft and smooth with delightful flavors existing throughout. With its limited quantities, aficionados should pick up this unique stick as soon as possible.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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