Cult Fuerte cigars article (542 words)

Cult Fuerte Cigars are full flavored medium to full bodied sticks.The Cult Fuerte cigars are medium to full bodied stogies, and have Ecuadorian Habano wrappers with Nicaraguan binder and filler. Manufactured by Tacasa S.A. in Esteli, they were created in response to smokers who claimed the Classic series was a little bit gentle. Compared to the Classic, this line is much stronger and complex in flavor making it better suited for experienced cigar smoking aficionados. Novice enthusiasts are typically more inclined to start off with the milder Classic blend.

Most reviewers consider the construction to be solid, giving just a little when squeezed, and holding on to just the right amount of weight. Cult Fuerte cigars are medium brown in color, and there is some veining present, giving it a little tooth. It is one of the few stogies that feature a pointy cap, and while this can sometimes be a slight hindrance, it is crafted masterfully with this offering.  The stick comes in four vitolas, including Toro (6 x 50), Grande Toro (6 x 60), Torpedo (6 1/4 x 52) and Churchill (7 x 48).

In the first third of the stogie, the flavor is said to be intense right away with a combination of cream, red pepper, ginger, nutmeg and some leather. Among these layers, the red pepper is the most apparent, and some reviewers stated that it is strong enough to make the nose run a bit. Cult Fuerte cigars are not for the faint of heart. Unlike many other stogies, there is no lead-in to the flavor, and all of the flavor notes become quickly apparent.

The second third of the stogie introduces a cocoa note, and this quickly becomes the prevalent taste. The cream and red pepper are both still strong, though the ginger, spice and leather are still apparent in the background. Some aficionados said that the second third is less intense than the first, and that this part of the stogie is more about balance than strength.

The final third of the Cult Fuerte cigars starts smooth, and dials back some of the spice while ramping some of the other flavors up. The cream is still strong, with some reviewers comparing it to buttermilk. The ginger is also intense, and tastes like it is combined with nutmeg and cinnamon. The leather and cocoa are both gone by this point. Close to the nub, the body goes to full again, and hits the smoker with a burst of red pepper before finishing strong, but not harsh on the palate.

The Cult Fuerte cigars are value priced, and that makes them a great buy. Some reviewers stated that the flavors in this smoke are better balanced than those found in a stogie twice the price. The burn is excellent, and handles the pointed cap well. Unique shaping like a pointed cap can throw off the burn line some, but this isn’t a problem with this stick, as it stays true all the way to the nub. The draw is great overall, though a couple reviewers noted a few spots where it gets a little tight. The ash is clean and bright white and holds on for about an inch and a half before letting go.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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