Cuban Rounds Dominican Cigars For Sale OnlineCuban Rounds Dominican cigars are hand rolled in the traditional style of Havana. They have a wonderful smoothness and the fine flavor of aged tobacco. These products are hand rolled with pressed leaves from seeds of Cuban tobacco. The Thompson Company of Tampa, Florida manufactures these cigars stating that the origin is the Dominican Republic. The cigar purchasers rated it as having an excellent value and being a good choice for an “everyday smoke.”

These cigars are 6.25 inches in length, and the circumference is a 42 gauge vitola
. A vitola is the measurement that indicates how many 64th of an inch wide the cylinder shape is. The particular size of this product is called a Lonsdale, which was named after Hugh Cecil Lowther, the 5th Earl of Lonsdale. He loved this size of smoke. There are sixteen different lengths of smokes designated, from the shortest, which is 4 ½ inches known as Rothschild to the longest which is 9 ¼ inches and known as Grand Corona. The widths or vitolas range from 33/64th of an inch to 60/64th of an inch.

The wrapper of Cuban Rounds Dominican cigars is a Maduro, which is one of the darkest brown or even black wrappers
. There are seven different colors of wrappers ranging from the Claro that is a very light, slight green color to the darkest Oscuro color. Maduro wrappers are primarily grown in Brazil, Nicaragua, Connecticut, and Mexico. Oscuro wrappers are very black and oily in appearance. Some of the reviewers called the product they smoke a Maduro, since it has a very noticeable appearance. The filler of this Maduro is said by the manufacturer to be premium, short, and from South America. This type of filler is also called “mixed”; it uses chopped leaves that can burn hotter in the smoker’s mouth than long fillers.

Cuban Rounds Dominican cigars flavor is said by the manufacturer to be of medium strength. The reviewers had many comments regarding their enjoyment of smoking these products. Almost every reviewer said that they found them easy to light. Almost as many, found the draw to be good. Just as many said that the flavor was great and the construction was quality.

One of the reviewers said that he enjoyed smoking Cuban Rounds Dominican cigars with his evening cocktail every day
. Others stated this was a good daily smoke for an average coinsurer. Several of the reviewers said that they smoked 3-4 of these Maduros each day.

The Maduros come in an attractive tan box of fifty, with a label stating they are custom made. Overall, those who tried this product have continued to buy it and were enthusiastic about the value, the appearance, and the ease of the smoke. Most of them also said the flavor is top of the line.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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