Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla Cigars
Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigars are definitely an underestimated addition to the humidors of those individuals who enjoy a truly pleasant, mellow, and medium-bodied smoke. The reviewers of this cigar have noted that the tones and flavors are amazingly true, with a price tag that definitely fits any budget, great or small. The true flavors are uniquely delicious, with a true consistency that starts at the first draw and continues until the last ash drops.

These Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigars were rolled in the heart of Esteli, Nicaragua. What this means for smokers is that the wrapper, filler, and even the binder are 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. The toothy wrapper is pleasantly oily, with nice, minimal veins. The dark wrapper is deliciously colored, and makes an amazing first impression that teases the smoker with the good things to come. Even the initial smell entices the smoker with the barnyard goodness, coupled with the most subtle hints of delicious dark cocoa.

Reviewers note that the initial experience gives a quick burst of spiciness, which is quickly replaced with a smooth, cedar taste. The initial burst is almost surprising; because of the citrusy sweet, cold draw. The cold draw also hints of sweet espresso, with a nice, spicy aftertaste. Yes, the cold draw definitely shows evidence of the first-third of this wonderful stogie.

Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigars provide a full experience for any level of smoker. Perfect as a morning stogie, or even as an after dinner experience, this stogie promotes a blend of flavors that offer an almost mellow transition from cedar to espresso.

Reviewers who appreciate a good, strong first-third say that they appreciate the oaky, woodsy flavor, with highlights of deep cocoa and rich espresso. The earthiness of the cold draw is still there and makes this a great smoke for any aficionado. There is even a spiciness that is perfectly balanced, not offering too much or too little. Appreciating those Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigars is really easy with the exceptional qualities that make this a must have for any humidor.

As smokers get into the second-third of this stogie, they appreciate the strength of the flavors prevalent in the first-third, minus the spiciness that seems to quickly fade from the stogie. However, the earthy flavor is starting to come forth a tad bit more, smoothing the way for the final-third.

The sweet tones are still there, and starting to get a bit stronger for the final-third. The ash is holding its strength without dropping and causing injury or holes. The spiciness is sneaking back, but does not overtake the dark cocoa flavor or aroma.

Having an affordable stogie often starts with adding a couple Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigars to the humidor. Reviewers find that these are incredibly pleasing, without an overbearing taste or smell. The smoker gets to enjoy and appreciate the consistent, strong structure of the stogie, while rolling the flavor around the mouth to a surprisingly strong finish that leaves the smoker wanting more. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


@John R Priester

I have 3 in my humidor. I love this Cigar, but they have become hard to come by. I bought a box after buying a few sticks here and there smoked and shared and now I can’t find them.

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