Cuba Aliados Special Edition Toro NegroMaker and Origin

Cuba Aliados Special Edition cigars are created by master cigar roller and blender Rolando Reyes. Reyes began his career in 1940s Havana. With the coming of the Castro regime, he moved his operation to the United States, setting up shop in Union City, New Jersey, and then moving to Miami, Florida. Eventually, he opened a factory in Danli, Honduras, where his famous Aliados line continues to be hand made by master rollers. His products are notable for their balanced blending of Nicaraguan binders and Dominican fillers, large ring sizes, and their premium Maduro wrappers.


Cuba Aliados Special Edition cigars are available only in Toro Negro. Rolled by hand, just like similar lines from the same manufacturer, each cigar features a Honduras Corojo wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and a blend of Dominican and Nicaragua filler.


Smokers complimented the overall blend of flavors present throughout the smoke. They also noted that the flavors seemed to move in and out of the forefront, giving the palette a lot of variety from start to finish. Reviewers stated that the pre-light taste was somewhat wood-like, and that it immediately takes on a spicy aspect upon lighting. The spiciness then abruptly shifts toward a notably earthy taste that moves to the forefront as the spice retreats into the background. In the second third, the taste of leather emerges as the wood and the taste of spice backs off just a bit. Flavors then begin to emerge from behind one another, only to retreat once again, throughout the remainder of the second third and on into the final third. The last stage of the final third becomes notably earthy all the way to the end.

Appearance and Feel

Some smokers noticed that Cuba Aliados Special Edition cigars feature a ring gauge larger than that of the average Toro—between 54 and 56. They also complimented the straight sides and noted that the cap was essentially smooth. Some aficionados have stated that the wrapper feels smooth and leathery to the touch, and that the color is an attractive, natural brown. A few reviewers said that the color was not completely even, with the a few ridges showing from beneath the surface of the wrapper.


Cuba Aliados Special Edition cigars have been highly praised for their construction—having earned a 9.0 by some aficionados who evaluated both the draw and the burn. One reviewer described the burn as almost perfect in every sense. Smokers have noted that the cigar burns straight throughout, with only an occasional angle appearing in the ash. The cigar emits a hardy amount of smoke throughout the experience, and it has no problems remaining lit. The ash is an attractive gray, somewhat light in color, but also punctuated by speckles of black. With each draw, it holds firm for over an inch.

Overall Experience

Some reviewers have noted that the final third can taste a bit harsh and have suggested further aging. This appears to be a subjective perception on the part of individual smokers. Overall, the superb construction has earned Cuba Aliados Special Edition cigars highly favorable reviews in the arenas of smooth smoking experience and finely blended flavors.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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