Cuba Aliados Miami Edition CigarThe Cuba Aliados Miami Edition cigar is produced by the Reyes family, and is among the stronger blends created by the company. The Reyes family recently lost their patriarch, Ronaldo Reyes Sr., but his legendary ability shines through this stogie. While this brand hasn’t received a lot of attention, its blends are well respected among aficionados. Like other Reyes sticks, this cigar is value priced while also producing well-refined flavors.

The wrapper is a Habano, the binder is an Ecuadorian Sumatra, and the fillers are from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The wrapper is medium brown and has some visible veining. It is well constructed with no soft or hard spots. Reviewers stated that the stogie was packed with tobacco extremely tight. The band has a retro style and is red white and gold. The name of the brand is stamped in white on a red background and is flanked by gold ornamentation. Under the brand name is the name of the stick. The Cuba Aliados Miami Edition cigar is available in three vitolas, including Robusto (5 x 50), Toro Viejo (6 x 53) and Valentino (7 x 49).

The Cuba Aliados Miami Edition cigar comes in a cedar sleeve, which does a good job of imparting strong woody flavors. It is said that the pre-light draw reflects this, evoking some wood and pepper notes. Once the stick is lit, it delivers a surge of cedar flavor, with an undercurrent of black pepper. Reviewers found that the wood notes were unusually refined, giving the stogie a pleasantly bold taste.

In the second third of the stick, the cedar and woody notes are still the dominant tastes. Throughout this part of the stogie, the black pepper in the background begins to fade out. Once it does, leather notes take its place and grow in intensity until they balance off the cedar and wood flavors. The cedar is still well-refined in the second third, giving the stick a clear profile.

During the final third of the Cuba Aliados Miami Edition cigar, the cedar and wood flavors still hold strong. The leather notes in the background grow in intensity as a smoker nears the nub. By the end of the stogie, some reviewers believed the leather had overtaken the cedar and wood for the lead role. Many cigars produce a range of flavors that reviewers detect in varying degrees. In this stick, though, reviewers agreed on the presentation of the flavor profile. This means that the Reyes family has perfected its production methods for this blend.

The burn and draw were both considered excellent by aficionados. The burn remains razor sharp and the draw starts a little loose, but quickly corrects itself. The ash holds strong onto the stick, and is a light grey. It is medium to full bodied and medium to full in strength. The flavors don’t change much during the smoke, but they are presented extremely well. The Cuba Aliados Miami Edition cigar is perfect for aficionados who prefer woody or cedar flavors. It’s also ideal for smokers on a budget, because its combination of strong flavor and value price is typically hard to find.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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