Cuba Aliados Anniversay CigarsThe Cuba Aliados Anniversary Cigar is a limited edition cigar, with only 300 made daily by expert rollers from Cuba. It features a 3-year old Corojo wrapper. Rolled with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, it is contained within a Sumatran and Ecuadorian binder. It is filled with a fine blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, Brazilian, and Sumatran tobaccos. Aficionados have complimented its smooth draw and delicious flavor.

The Cuba Aliados Anniversary Cigar is actually a stepped-up rendition of the Cuba Aliados that has been popular for many years now. As a handmade stogie conceived by the Reyes Family of Miami, FL, it has been favorably reviewed by aficionados on a consistent basis. Common descriptors of its rich flavor include terms such as “sweet,” “creamy,” and “nutty.” Reviewers have also stated that the flavor is notably strong and easily qualifies it to be one of the best smokes on the market today.

Reviewers describe the flavor of the Cuba Aliados Anniversary Cigar as a blend of sweetness and earthiness. Some compare the pre-light flavor to red wine, but this disappears once the smoke is lit. The aroma is thick and sweet, with the flavor kicking in with a strong punch immediately with the first draw. In spite of the robust experience, aficionados agree this is a good, smooth smoke. They also complimented the way the flavor seems to bloom as the stick is smoked down to the nub. Consistency is another compliment repeatedly given to this edition. Some smokers have relit the cigar as many as four times, noting that the flavor remains consistent each time.

While the Cuba Aliados Anniversary Cigar is considered a full-bodied to strong smoke, reviewers noted that the initial punch calms down at the midpoint of the experience. The earthy, somewhat cedar flavor is then accented nicely by a nutty taste that enters into the smoke just before the midpoint. At the same time, the flavors of roasted almonds, along with a touch of pepper come into play. These all blend splendidly to create an enjoyable aftertaste of spiced almonds with nutty overtones and a touch of cedar in the background, which is consistent throughout.

Reviewers have disagreed slightly on the quality of the draw. Some describe it as very loose, while others have described it as sufficiently firm. While the general consensus seems to imply the lack of a tight draw coveted by some aficionados, there is nonetheless almost unanimous agreement that the experience is flawless nonetheless. The most impressive aspect of the draw noted by many aficionados is the almost perfect sharpness of the burn, and the beautiful stacks of neat, light grey and white ash that fall into the ashtray, almost effortlessly, with every inch of the experience.

Overall, the Cuba Aliados Anniversary Cigar pays excellent tribute to the expertise and fine craftsmanship that has distinguished Roland Reyes. With a full-bodied experience throughout, and a profile described by some reviewers as “vintage Cuban,” this stogie fulfills the expectations of the most experienced smokers while simultaneously offering new aficionados something strong that goes down smooth and sweet.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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